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A coupla digg links that i find interesting

http://digg.com/linux_unix/Open_Addict_ ... orer_users

I find this to be interesting.. the.. blocking of IE because your on a particular browser that does not play by the rules...

I don't get alot of visitors so therefore i don't think i need to do this sort of implementation.

http://digg.com/apple/The_iPhone_is_a_p ... _your_face

This guy really hated the iphone hype.. and for the most part is has some points that are still valid..
will i get a iphone HELL NO.. my dad's work gives me a 300m plan for 15 bucks a month and unlimited internet usage.. plus i don't text much or use the internet much on it.. so i am happy with my sanyo phone

http://digg.com/business_finance/Resear ... s_14_years
I like this idea.. 14 years and your copyright expires.. but i would change it somewhat.

My changes would be this. For commercial reasons your copyright extends to your lifetime. + 70 years (i believe thats what it is currently in the usa)

Companies can't own a copyright.. only a person can.. (and you can sell it/transfer it... but its based on the original holders lifespan)

After 14 years its open domain for the public.. legal to trade and share.

But for deals like movies tv shows commercials.. then you have to pay..

Now that also means that a company can't take the work and make a new CD/DVD of your work.. no.. you still own the rights to that.

Its the public who could make a CD/DVD and GIVE IT AWAY

This would make all that dammed file shareing that the RIAA and MPAA hate sorta legal

http://digg.com/political_opinion/Larry ... yback_time
I am sorry guys but right now larry flynt is about the only man i will vote for without question.. why?

because he does not give a damm about what i think?
he hates corruption.
he hates lying

those are two of the most honorable trates that few poloticians have

Also he produces porn.. come on tell me that he would not think correctly and tell these bible wielding nut jobs to go fuck themselves

http://digg.com/hardware/What_happends_ ... puter_room

like the first commenter on the story said "/facepalm"

computers work better in the mid 70's.. it helps transfer the heat that they produce..

http://digg.com/offbeat_news/Florida_ma ... _s_NOT_his
I have to say.. that this is a touchy subject.. but i believe that if a woman wants to have the right to collect child support then the father has the right to challenge that the kid is his..

And that if its found out its not his.. then he pays nothing.. no exceptions.. if the state wants to have a support for her.. then it better not be coming from my money...

Why am i like this? because until they have a pill for men.. we can be blackmailed into paying money for 18 years.. i don't see the rights..

we have nearly foolproof birth control in the pill (yes it does fail at times)

I am also NOT SAYING that if the child is the mans that he should not support it.. I honestly believe if a child is mine i would pay for it.

Also I have seen some nasty tails of women having children and blaming a man that has had a vasectomy as being the father..

I am sorry but if a single mother wants to have a child and the father is denied the right to raise the child (another topic for another day) then she gets no child support. period.

Fairy Ring codes in runescape

Well i play a game called runescape (as if you did not know)
and there are Fairy Rings (similar to Stargate)
and these are the codes for all of them to date...

DLS Canpub
CKS Canmush
BKR MortSwmp
BIQ Bedabin
DLQ DsrtUzer

DKR Edgevill
DIS WizTower
AIQ Mudskipp
BLP TzHaar
DKP BrimNrth
CKR ShiloVil

CIP Miscella
AJR SlyrCave
CJR Sinclair
DJR MansinNW
ALS McGrubor
BLR Legends
DJP Necroman
CIQ GnomMaze
CLS Yan2west
BKP FeldipW
AKS FeldipSE

AKQ Woodlands
AKS Jungle
DKS Snow
DLQ Desert
DLS Swamp
CKR Karmaja

ALR Abyss
DIR Gorak
BKQ EcahnVal
CKP Starflwr
BJR Grail
AJS Penguin Island (level 2 Penguins)
BIS Unicorn Pen Ardougne Zoo