Daily Archives: April 16, 2007

Mementh is still alive!!!

Man its been a long time here since i posted.. I just cleaned the cob webs off the keyboard.

A Small update

I am still working at Comcast, its been very fun and interesting... though i might be driving people mad with my questions.

There have been some interesting calls i have taken.. but i am going to try to refrain from posting about them here.. I feel its just too dangerous for my job.

What have I been up to in my life... There is a girl Sarah at work i have gone out with.. but I feel its more of friends going out.

I have been working on my Runescape Character alot!!! I Finally crafted 1200 battle staffs which gave me enough money to get to 70 construction and get my VERY OWN GUILDED ALTER!!!!

Its not yet ready.. but I am making some changes to my home.
I finally decided on this plan.