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85 MOTHER %&#%*#% MINING!!!

Well i did it.. I had been waiting this weekend for Hugh_Manity and Norman_Biggs to get on...

But they had not gotten on all freaking weekend... :(

So i set a time limit this sunday @ 7pm if they had not i would take those that wanted on my lvl trip....

My plan was to go to wild rune rocks.. use a lamp to lvl with and mine the rocks :)

well i waited and waited and just about 6:30 Hugh_Manity got on finally :)

We had to wait for knittinqueen to get her quest done so we stood around "EVIL DAVES MOTHERS HOUSE"

Baerht had to leave before we were able to do it.

We got to wild and i got my level.
Which we rang into a new era for me :)


I had wanted to do a trawler but there was not enough people :(

You can see all my mining lvl pics here

What has mementh been up to?

What have I been up to???

Well i got word about three weeks ago that i was hired at comcast.

I did not tell my manager about this.... due to the fact i am 95% sure they would have had me out of there before i started @ comcast.
(I am only stating this as a biased opinion, and that i do not have any evidence stating this.. but based on how comfortable i felt with my managers)

I called in on that Saturday and Sunday so I could get my sleeping schedule setup (thank god i did this cause its been going strong)
I had gone with my friend Alisa and let her use my discount card to buy a big screen TV and a DVR/DVD burner for her new TV

I started on the 5th of march.. It was very interesting...

We went though orientation ... Sadly one person did not even make it to lunch (that person fell asleep while the call center manager was talking)

We started learning the systems.. let me tell you.. comcast is very interesting.. there is alot of parts that make up who and what comcast is.

Because I learned that I would be getting Free cable, that Monday I went out and god a DVR box from comcast and signed up for HBO..
And Tuesday I upgraded to the top package....

The reason I did this was because I learned that the setup would not be done for a few weeks... and I figured that two or three weeks of paying would not be that bad.

On Tuesday I went out and purchased some pants and a few shirts.
My discount was STILL working.. (I had not called out Tuesday I just NEVER showed up so I would assume it would not work)

We got into the systems at comcast (and started learning how to work them).. listened to a few calls...

Saturday I went over to walmart to buy a DVD recorder for my TV.. (I had been FILLING my DVR's Hard drive up very quickly) I bought some Cables and some blank DVD RW disks....

And my DISCOUNT STILL WORKED!!!!! (i had not called in for thursday and friday thinking i was fired)

So i get home and i have started burning the movies and such to DVD and putting it on my computer so i can put it on my Ipod at a later time.

Its all very easy to work....

At comcast I am doing good.. We got our headsets today.. and two more weeks of training before we go to the floors

We had a bit of a lesson about call quality and how they expect things to go.. Honestly it sounds easy to do

I have made a few friends...
Chris, he is a shorter thin gay guy.. Very good sense of humor :)
Sarha, she is on the same hire date but not the same class.... Also very good sense of humor..

My instructor is Craig, who used to work with my step brother Chip.... (i need to remember to mention it to Chip :) )

Well thats all for today.. its 11:55 at this time and its my bed time

Digg artical i found funny before going to bed.

8 Things Employers Need to Know About Geeks and Intelligent People

Some asswipe named resplence replied with this....

"In other words, allow the geek to love his job instead of dreading work the next day."

You guys think you're so special. How is that different from "allow the single mom secretary to love her job instead of dreading work the next day"? Or any other group of individuals categorized by whatever parameters? Do geeks deserve more satisfaction at their job than anyone else? Do you really think your position is the only one that would make a company crumble, if you're not there? Why should companies change in order to accommodate you, but not every other member of their workforce?

Most of you are not really that intelligent. If you really want unrestricted freedom and to work whenever you feel like working you should consider becoming your own bosses, or working at microsoft. Oh, I forget. Microsoft is evil.

Then there was a responce by silentbobsc

@ resplence - "You guys think you're so special. How is that different from "allow the single mom secretary to love her job instead of dreading work the next day"? "

You're obviously a clueless asshat because the single mom secretary:

-CAN'T code a SQL Query to save her life
-WON'T wake up at 2am with an epiphany that will keep your company from having to buy another vendor's shite
-WILL NEVER work for 20hrs straight on a diet of twinkies and Bawls on a weekend because the project can't have any downtime
-HAS NO CLUE why her computer can't connect when she's plugged the phone line into the NIC

Just face it, you should have paid more attention in math and science... Revenge of the Nerds biatch!

Guess which one got put on my block list
Guess which one got put on my friends list