Daily Archives: January 9, 2007

51 Weeks Since hacking.

Well its been Very close to a year.. since i was hacked
See post from 01-16-2006

And I did a follow 6 months later
See post from 07-14-2206

This is what my old bank was worth in todays gp See 6 month post.. it seems that rares have actually DROPPED in prices overall.. this is expected with Construction.. but it is weird...

Also the E-bay prices dropped alot... I think its because there are more gold farmers ruining the game :(

With Rares
Low 1,442,984,400
High 1,589,934,400

Without Rares
Low 31,984,400
High 39,934,400

E-bay @ $9 per million gp
Low 12986.8596
High 14309.4096

Still got a Bank pin :)

I Put my initiates and other new White knight armor in my costume room
I also replaces recently my Rune Plate with a Granite Plate (more protection)

Mostly Smithing/crafting stuff

My Herblore suff

More Herblore And fletching and Archery stuff

Archery Fishing and Farming

Mare Farming Construction and hunter

Necklaces Rings Staffs and Clothing

Misc Junk

More Misc junk and my Gunthans