Daily Archives: January 1, 2007

Moved in?

Well.. I am all moved in now.. I moved my website from my old mementh.dyndns.org to mementh.com (if you are visiting my old site i tried my best to redirect you)

Mostly everything moved in.. and the paints drying

I had some issues.. one.. i have a small directory for my ringers and wallpaper on my cell phone.. i had to learn how to do a .htaccess file properly. (namely spelling .htaccess instead of my misspelling .htacess)

My 3g site (works for sprint pcs vision and power vision phones (no i wont change it to work on your phones)

Also I wanted my random sig script to work.. after a day of research i find mod_rewrite which lets me do it

This file does not actually exist on my server.. your actually viewing a php file :)