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Weird dream

I had two dreams last night

One was something i do not wish to talk about but it would put it in the realm of Oedipus. (enuff said)

The other.. this one bothers me.. In the dream I am coming home, i open my door.. and my computers gone, my ferrets are gone.. my tv is gone. my VCR and DVD player is gone..

everything all my legosets and transformers (hey i enjoy them and i am a kid at heart)

but.. they are gone..

This dream upset me so much in the dream i went into convulsions. (i might have also been shaking because of it in my bed)

:( ohh well..

Dream for tonight

I Have not done much in runescape (just tired and busy with a few other things)

But i had a dream last night. I was at my mothers.. i had some sort of Indian necklace on. I was dressing. I went into the other bedroom. There was the cats (my cat rascal and another cat?) And they had killed a mouse.

Then i look outside. My moms blue tent and canvas chair was setup. There was woods a distance to one side but a large field on the other.

There was a storm coming.. Not a violent one.. but it feels like one of change.. it was going to come though and cause some trouble but not alot.

We could see the wall of water that was the leading edge of the rain.

I went into the minivan to talk to my mom and then i was going back into the house but my mom asked my sisters to get something to eat from the house.

Then i woke up

The old Mementh

Well this pic is quite old of my Runescape stats (Last modified Thursday, May 23, 2002, 12:57:32 AM)

This reminds me that I need to head back in game.. this was so long ago that my Mining was higher then my smithing!!!!

Harvey and John Moved out!

Yes, they were spurred because of the site moving.. they got a NEW CAGE!!!

The old one was a Two story with a ramp.. SMALL AND CRAMPED (John kept pestering Harvey since he had moved in a few months ago)

So, the new cage was gotten.. its a Two foot X Two Foot By Four foot

Its Currently setup for two and a half levels

New Runescape Goals.

Well i came up with some New Runescape Goals which I posted to XXX Hmm.. ohh well consider it a unknown page/place

I decided to make myself a mini goal... By lvl 1812 i will be able to mine rune

Thats only 12 levels away!!!!! But i have to fill in 5 lvls (its 7 lvls till i get to rune)

So i am thinking of getting some combo of these skills
71-75 Agility (420 laps around agility pyramid)(Sorry but, thats a interesting number to pop up)

62-67 Thieving (2964 Thieves in rouges den safes, or 830 thives from blood chest)

76 Runecrafting

84 Crafting

77 Firemaking (possible I have the oak logs, but it would be a pain to burn 10k oak logs)

62 Slayer?

78 Farming

62-66 Construction (only need 359 Oak planks which i have, and i can get more :) only need 3066 total to get 66 construction )

The reason I chose 1812.. is due to one of my FAVORITE TV SHOWS

There was a small maintainnce robot that the main character owned called DRD 1812 (after the music)

Aint He the Cutest

Wish me luck

Mementh Joins the 1800 total SKill Club in RUNESCAPE!!

Yes I have no life! I had gotten two genie lamps and gotten just to the point of getting the lvl 92 cooking..

I went up to the lvl 51 wild Volcano :)

I invited Kiwi_Pearls and Jaklumen.. then Laikrob and Norman_Biggs came up :)
link*edit* all pics can be found at this link

Then we went to the Bridge and we all lined up for a photo

Wish # 1

Wish # 2

*^~^! LEVEL ~^~^*

After that we decided to play follow the leader (while trying to find the chaos elemental

Lakirob lead the way.

Norma got herself skulled

Following the leader PC version

We Found the Chaos Elemental

Jak Died First

I buried his bones


then the rest of us


(ohh well i will just have to get another one made)

I decided to give everyone 50 sharks for good luck and thanks for coming out :)

My Runescape Goals

(this was posted in the *edit* removed, can't tell you where or else i will have to kill you)

Well, I decided to join in here.. and post about my Goals

Currently I am working on getting 1800 skill total..
I am currently 1798 total...
I plan on getting a fishing lvl (only about 248ish sharks left)

And then fishing more till i have 2157 sharks (got about 1400 in the bank now)

And i will lvl 92 cooking when I got 1800 total

thats Half way to 99.. the most in any skill I have to date!!!!!

A few other goals after that

78 herblore (got the herbs and most of the secondaries , waiting on hugh manity to get me some vials Smile )
(gonna try and push to 81 this year)

71-80 agility (I think I'll spend time at the new agility place thats supposed to come out)

65 thieving for spice stall Smile

84 crafting (I need a BLEEP TON of seaweed to do this one) (And i will possably push to get 90 this year)

80 Firemaking for magic pyre logs

76 Construction (So i can put my Big Shark on the wall)

This is about 8-10 months worth of work in some cases