Daily Archives: November 22, 2006

A weeks worth of fun?

well lets start this off right
I had been spending ALOT of time int he fire giants cave in brimhaven trying to get a Leo Grave Digger random event...
I finally got it :)

zombie walk.pngzombie dance.png
Zombie Walk and Zombie Dance

*dances with joy*

I also have been busy with the new hunting skill released Tuesday

Check out my lvl pics

My Friend Chris from Walmart bought a Wii and I went over Sunday night Monday morning and we played his Wii. We did the sports.. i sucked at bowling, stunk at baseball, sunk at boxing, survived tennis.....

But i really liked all the games.. they were fun and easy to play and when i left i was in a sweat and feeling like i had alot of fun

And now, I leave you with a tribute to Gene Roddenberry, from Patrick Stewart.