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Well I found a movie i wanted to share with people... however, i had the question.. how to share it easily with everyone, and not have issues...


Its of two men building a LEGO STAR DESTROYER!!!! which is so cool in a time lapsed deal :) its about 4 minutes long


Well.. This is fun.. about a year ago i got a check from sprint for unpaid worktime.. (don't ask)
I used some of the funds to get a Apple IPOD VIDEO!!!
I went with the 30 gig.. it was decent.. it did not play a full movie on a signle charge.. but ehh...

Now today 9-12 (yea i am posting late so sue me) Apple released a better version with move battery life..

Its just a upgrade to the current one.. but.. I feel sorta Jipped..

Then again i don't ever watch a full movie on a ipod in one sitting.. so I am still happy :)

Its all good though.. cause Itunes 7 has had a MAJOR update..

First.. a better Ipod Interface screen for selecting what you want on it.

Album artwork viewing in a new way. (two new ways but i don't like the fancy dancy flipping way of the artwork)

I do like the grouping of albums together and showing artwork.. CLASSY :)

Another MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR thing I have been wanting.. is the option to put the TV show and Episode #'s in the File info (before you could not)

Now my TV shows i have (that i did not buy from apple) show up properly in the TV shows section..

Apple is also selling movies now!!!

I think this is a good idea.. since even though it does not have the extras i wnat in a DVD.. its easy to work with.

Also apple is relesing a addong to TV's that allow easyer play... not sure about my want for this.. but for most people.. its gonna be a great addone (been saying apple needs this to get more market share)

Also i found a FUNNY (at least to me) Video of Whores in Japan being taught English phrases

I think its just funny with "i give good head. you give good head. My parents give good head. My grandmother gives good head. My relitives give good head too"

Also someone made mention of the Tubes Comment from the senator and pointed to a link on Wikipedia

MANY digg links with comments ... Its_Wheels
I have been saying all along.. remove the standard engine.. put in battries. make a all electric motors for movement and a gas generator to power/charge.

And you get the best hybrid capable..

Disable The generator and you use pure battries till they die (most people don't need a huge distance available, so they can charge overnight (plugin uses power from coal factories that can't turn off (so power is not wasted)

Use the genarator only for long haul drives (cross country (the generator SHOULD power the car completely ) ... h_pictures

HOT HOT HOT.... As Paris would say.... "Thats Hot" ... _Our_Homes

Another thing I have always said the new lights can power at like 1/4 the power requirments and that saves energy in the long run ... s_They_Did

Go open source.. stupid idiots installing illegal stuff... If i knew who the boss was there... I would praise him ... _and_women

Great Joke showing how men can't EVER WIN ... r-art.html

FAKE ART... YOU CAN'T TELL AT ALL!!! ... sode3.html


It finds jokes EVERYWHERE! the EPT driod sequnce would make any watersports fan... wet. ... porting_on

Dumbass reports on how effective a electric fence is on keeping theives out. ... Cartoons_4

There is so many mixed messages that are in this.. a must read ... ighty_iPod


Required 9-11 memorial post

I remember on 09-11-01. I was living in my trailer then.. my dad calls me up and tells me that they have bombed the WTC and Pentagon..

To me this sounded... like a big joke (something to shock me awake)

Well i got up and headed in to work... not alot happened..

I know alot of people died that day and i know to this day it still affects people.

My friend Alicia had a friend Danny who died in the WTC bombings....

Its.. its a sad reason they died... maybe.. we and those that did this will learn?