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"error -37 : a bad filename or volume name was encountered"
thats the error i got when i tried to play some FULL METAL ALCHEMIST episodes in quicktime..

It turns out Quicktime AND Itunes can't support certain long filenames.. and about 8 files outa 51 had this problem...

I love Itunes.. i just wish it woulda told me that there was a error when i dropped the files in originally for those 8 files

CNN is reporting that Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his 6th Tour de France title.

CNN is reporting that Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his 6th Tour de France title.
In a random check for banned substances, three were found in Armstrong's hotel room.
The substances banned by the French that were found in his hotel room were as follows: (1) Toothpaste, (2) Deodorant, (3) Soap
The French officials also found several other items which they had never seen before, including a testicle and a backbone...
Earlier reports that French Government officials attempted to surrender to Armstrong as he entered Paris were apparently erroneous.

Thought this joke might be enjoyed :)...

Workplace Romances?

Ok.... this is Sorta Troubleing and Sorta Flattering...

I am in TROUBLE!
To Name the players here. Me, Robbie (a black woman I work with, who is about 15+ years older then me)

It started shortly after Robbie was hired.. She works in matienance at wallyworld. (cleaning up spills and messes)

As best as I can remember it started when I was joking around with Robbie one day and she told me to "hush luke".

She kept saying that often so I got her back oneday... and spoke loudly "SHUT UP ROBBIE"... now this was a joke and she knew it...

It continues to this day.. one of us will see each other and say "SHUT UP LUKE/ROBBIE"

We even got Sidney up at the service desk and Heather in infants doing it some.. (its funny when I walked by heather one day and we kept telling each other to shutup and customers realized after the 4th or 5th trading of barbs the joke)

Then recently in the last 2 months or so Robbie threatened to "spank me" and i shoved my but out for her to slap.. It took a few re-visits to this but she eventually did...

After a while she started saying that she was going to "tie you up by the ceiling and whup you and let everyone see everything dangeling"
(thats pretty close to accurate)

After A while I started replying with the truth... "There aint much to dangle down there Robbie"

Now she still slaps my ass ever now and then and still threatnes me with a public humiliation :)

I consider it a game.. Flirting.. And it seems I don't ever see the Flirting that some women give back to me..... (thats what she tells me)

Today though was diffrent.. we had our usual barbs and a spanking.. and the topic about sex came up.. she asked if I was a virgin and I replied no.. (I have not been one since I was 18)

Now, i mentioned my weight my computer habits and honestly things don't work exactly right with my body. (I hinted at this but... lets leave it at that)

I want to clarify something here.. I like sex.. its so fun.. but a partner.. a girlfriend.. I can't do.. I just feel its too much.. it would take away my scedual that i have (maybe that will be a good thing.. I don't know) But since i started working for walmart... I have not been interested in having much sex with a partner..

Its weird..............

Now after we left I walked by Robbie chatting with Julie from Layaway.... And things started talking again.. and Robbie said something in the order of "taking me to a motel and fucking my brains out"

I am FLATTERED... but.. i decline here.. I told her "Half of me wants to take up your offer the other half says I should not"

I don't know if i am frustrating this woman and should take her offer truely.. or....

a few digs

I have been visiting a SHITLOAD

i found a few things lately that i love ... on_Trailer
Will Farrell is... a book character in real life :) ... en_clogged
A Interesting 404 webpage based on Sen Stevens ... hn_Stewart
Robin Williams plays a Comedy Political Newscaster who RUNS FOR PRESIDENT AND WINS!!!!


Well.. alots happened since my last major post..

I have done squat with runescape the past week.. some runecrafting.. but not alot :(
Work has been hell.. We had "tax free" weekend.. for back to school.. plus we are in a inventory time :( so busy busy busy

I also bought today $124.XX worth of close 4 pairs of pants and 4 shirts and a pair of shoes but.. it feels like i bought squat :(

Maybe i will cheer up in the morning after a long days sleep

Runescape this past week.

Well in Runescape i have been a busy bee..
I got 83 crafting ( 2 levels more till my goal of mechanical cats)

I noticed my runes are really low so I got some regular essence and started crafting some water and earth rules. And next I will work on making some Laws (also low there)

Busy week? (what happened at work)

Well.. i have been a bit busy the past week...

* As you can tell or not Comcast Found the problem pretty quickly (Man i was Building up such a rant )

* On Friday I had Two interesting things happen. (as you may or may not know I work at Walmart in the Sporting Goods department (I get to play with Guns)
*I had a Guy come in about 7ish wanting to Buy Two Guns....
Well thats ok but there is a problem... I have a bad sense of smell. So therefore when he got close i gave him a sniff. And I THOUGHT he smelled of Alcohol.

So i have him start the form looking for someone that could act as a second nose.

Then when he finishes his Address portion of the Form i notice its not the same as on his license and tell him he has to bring in some paperwork/bills(from the current adddress) to prove he lives there

* Well After he left i went over to Automotive where Veronica And Bradely (he works in Hardware) to ask Bradely to come over later if needed to be a second nose.

While we were talking a 10-11 Year old Black Boy starts to walk out the Door in Automotive. Thats ok... Except the Alarm Goes off. So I imeditally figure someone forgot to deactivate a item, and I walk over there to ask to see his recipt.

He keeps walking out to the walkway outside and keeps going.. I Yell (or speak loudly) that "I need to see your receipt." He responds with "I have a receipt."

Then he starts to RUN and I chase after him, stopping him in the middle of the parking lot. I got a chance to see his recipt as he starts to back away and I see.... A receipt for a OIL CHANGE.

The Boy starts to run and Gean (the manager of TLE/Automotive) follows him since he saw what was going on.

The Kid eventually got into a white van. But he did not get the $300 computer and $30 DVD player that he tried to leave with.

I later found out that he is part of a ring that goes to stores and steals. He has two related family members telling him what to do.