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SUPERMAN *spoiler warning*

Well i made it to Superman Returns last night...

it was amazing.. from the Krypton sun going nova properly (it shrank then exploded beautifully) to the visual effects... ew have another movie that all the effects do not make the movie.. the story does.. every single visual effect makes the story stronger.

This movie erases superman 3 and 4 from the timeline completely... this means that they NEVER happened.

Superman left on a space ship i belive.. though where he got it.... I don't know... Maybe because he knew how the crystal technology worked he coudl make one fresh on Earth?

Speacking of the cyrstals.. Lex Luthor (got he was protrayed perfectly) goes BACK to supermans Fortress of Solitude (remember he went in supermans 2) and learns all about the crystals that make up the structure.. his plan is to make a new island and destroy the USA using the cyrstals which can grow to a HUGE size just be being immirsed in water...

Well.. Supermans back.. He had left because he had heard there might be a planet left for him to return to (no such luck)

Lois is engaged to a man and has a child (more on this later) She is winning a Pulitzer Prize for a story about "Why the Word does Not Need Superman" but she still loves him.. i think that the kiss in superman 2 only made her forget his secret idendity..

Lex creates the land to start using a sheath of Kryptonight (he knows the crystals will take on the properties of Kryptonight and make it hard for superman to come to the island)

When Lois Lane and her sone Jason is held by Lex, her son ... pushes a piano at a immense speed and kills a man...

Superman nearly Dies in this movie but is saved by Lois Lane.. and then takes the "island" up into space and one assumes in time he will recover the crystals (or does not need them specifically) but the effort brings him close to death..... he falls back to the earth.. and is taken to the hospital (women if you like this new supermand you will love him barechested) and he is there in a coma... healing or near death one assumes..

Lois comes in to see him... and tells him i assume ... that Jason is his son...

He does not wake up immeditaly.. but... he does.. and gets dressed and flys off..

Later on he Visits the Lane household, and sees JAson asleep in bed and talks to him.... then leaves..

Its a really good movie.. but.. i think that Superman and Lois need to get back together... but to include another two people.. Richard White (who Lois was engaged to) And Clark Kent..

Why do i think this? because it gives more stability to a household.. Jason will need a Father Figure that can help him with his powers...

Richard can give Lois the Emotional support when Clark/Superman is out saving the world.. and might be able to keep her in a safer place and out of danger....

Ta Ta.. off to work now

I am crazy?!?!

i don't know if i SHOULD put this into words...

i know i am insane.. or maybe i am just insane enough to ... i don't know...

Call me crazy.. i flipped to VH1 on the tv and "black horse and the cherry tree" was playing on the channel....

it has a unique beat and i don't know why i thought..

whenever i read a good story my mind latches onto it.. into a "fantasy world" where somehow i travel to a "alternate reality" where i.. i make a diffrence?

I remember long time ago thinking of me being
like Data froms startrek... (this was during my parents divorce)
then when Startrek DS9 came on. my fantasy world i became a ODO like creature..
Its evolved over time.. being a dragonrider.. a dimensional traveler.. all sorts of things....

But lately its focused around the John Carter Universe...........

Now.. i will state this.. My phylosophy on god is that all religions that are moral face the same god.. the same one... even if its a diffrent name or that there is more then one of it/her/him/whatever pronoun you want to give the entity.... its a infinate persona... why would it limit itself.. it changes itself to suit the religions morals.. adopts behaviors and teachings to teach the people morality more...

This being i think that there is more then our reality perception... and.. i think that we could transferse this reality.. but we need a ancor.. something to guide us there.. a image and idea of the reality..

Why the long winded almost non topic parts there... I want to belive i CAN transferse.. while that song was playing i just got the idea of trying.. i focused on the spot where John Carter died.. the glade with four metors in a circle and in a plus sign (i think.. thats how i image it) and i thought GO!

I felt.. i want to say torn a bit from my body... like i feel when i have meditated but more... where i can feel my whole essence....

I don't know the full reasons i would want to go there.. Being accepted and helped to be the best i COULD be? Knowing that i had proof in my mind that i COULD NEVER deny about the entity of god? Maybe being called to serve?

All i will say now is.......

If i ever dissappear.. i mean like no trace of me... where you could not find me.. or a body or anything... trust that i am there... Maybe oneday i will come back?


OK i am pissed.. i got home last night and there were NO FUCKING PARKING SPOTS!!!!! So i parked across next to the fence for the apt complex...

Apparently i was "blocking" the trash truck from picking up the trash (BULLSHIT i did not park that close)

So my car got TOWED.. it cost my father (thank you god for such a man) $80 BUCKS!!!!! to get it out!!!!

Now.. here is the problem.. They have a shitload of (i am sorry to use this but its the easiest way to protray it.. and i am only using this because its a "standard" that people can understand) MEXICANS...

one assumes that they will have 3-4 people in a apt made for 1...

so thats MORE cars then they should have... thereofre there is oftentimes NOT ENOUGH CARS

Now.. i also just found out from my fathers while writing this that he went back to the apt complex and they said that it was not because i was too close to the dumpster but because i was ILLEGALLY Parked.....

So i have a question.. when there is no parking spaces.. and i live here.. where do i park?


well i got to 55 construction yesterday (which was my goal btw)
Here is my Level pics for construction to date

i compiled a short list of what i will need to get my home built the way i want

and it will take 312k GP total
and these are the items i will need (ouch)

10 iron bars
22 Soft Clay
10 planks
59 oak
14 nails
114 teak
35 Mohogany
15 limestome
50 cloth
52 steel bars
6 gold bars
6 candels
1 unpowered orb
7 molten glass
Some sort of portrait
1000 air
1000 water
1000 eath
1000 fire
2 wool
8 chefs delight or greenman ales

"There is nothing new under the Sun." (found on DIGG)

"There is nothing new under the Sun."

Attached Image

My quickish translation of the remarkable speech given by Rickard Falkvinge, the leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, in the Pirate Bay support demonstration in Stockholm 3.6.2006. If you wish, you can Digg this story here.

Friends, citizens, pirates:

There is nothing new under the Sun.

My name is Rickard Falkvinge, and I am the leader of the Pirate Party.

During the past week we have seen a number of rights violations taking place. We have seen the police misusing their arresting rights. We have seen innocent parties being harmed. We have seen how the media industry operates. We have seen how the politicians up to the highest levels bend backwards to protect the media industry.

This is scandalous to no limit. This is the reason why we are here today.

The media industry wants us to believe that this is a question about payment models, about a particular professional group getting paid. They want us to believe that this is about their dropping sales figures, about some dry statistics. But that is only an excuse. This is really about something totally else.

To understand today’s situation in the light of the history, we must go back 400 years - to the time when the Church had the monopoly over both culture and knowledge. Whatever the Church said, was the truth. That was pyramid communication. You had one person at the top talking to the many under him in the pyramid. Culture and knowledge had a source, and that source was the Church.

And God have mercy on those who dared to challenge the culture and knowledge monopoly of the Church! They were subjected to the most horrible trials that man could envision at the time. Under no circumstances did the Church allow its citizens to spread information on their own. Whenever it happened, the Church applied its full judicial powers to obstruct, to punish, to harass the guilty ones.

There is nothing new under the Sun.

Today we know that the only right thing to happen for the society to evolve was to let the knowledge go free. We know now that Galileo Galilei was right. Even if he had to puncture a monopoly of knowledge.

We are speaking here about the time when the Church went out in its full force and ruled that it was unnecessary for its citizens to learn to read or to write, because the priest could tell them anyway everything they needed to know. The Church understood what it would mean for them to lose their control.

Then came the printing press.

Suddenly there was not only a source of knowledge to learn from, but a number of them. The citizens – who at this time had started to learn to read – could take their own part of the knowledge without being sanctioned. The Church went mad. The royal houses went mad. The British Royal Court went as far as to make a law that allowed the printing of books only to those print owners who had a special license from the Royal Court. Only they were allowed to multiply knowledge and culture to the citizens.

This law was called "copyright".

Then a couple of centuries passed, and we got the freedom of press. But everywhere the same old model of communication was still being used: one person talking to the many. And this fact was utilized by the State who introduced the system of “responsible publishers”.

The citizens could admittedly pick pieces of knowledge to themselves, but there always had to be somebody who could be made responsible if – what a horrible thought – somebody happened to pick up a piece of wrong knowledge.

And this very thing is undergoing a fundamental change today - because the Internet does not follow the old model anymore. We not only download culture and knowledge. We upload it to others at the same time. We share files. The knowledge and the culture have amazingly lost their central point of control.

And as this is the central point of my speech, let me lay it out in some detail.

Downloading is the old mass media model where there is a central point of control, a point with a ‘responsible publisher’ – somebody who can be brought to court, forced to pay and so on. A central point of control from where everybody can download knowledge and culture, a central point that can grant rights and take them away as needed and as wanted.

Culture and knowledge monopoly. Control.

Filesharing involves simultaneous uploading and downloading by every connected person. There is no central point of control at all; instead we have a situation where the culture and the information flow organically between millions of different people.

Something totally different, something totally new in the history of human communications. There is no more a person that can be made responsible if wrong knowledge happens to spread.

This is the reason why the media corporations talk so much about ‘legal downloading’. Legal. Downloading. It is because they want to make it the only legal way of things for people to pick up items from a central point that is under their control. Downloading, not filesharing.

And this is precisely why we will change those laws.

During the passed week we have seen how far an acting party is prepared to go to prevent the loss of his control. We saw the Constitution itself being violated. We saw what sort of methods of force and attacks on personal integrity the police is prepared to apply, not to fight crime, but in an obvious intention to harass those involved and those who have been close to them.

There is nothing new under the Sun, and the history always repeats itself. This is not about a group of professionals getting paid. This is about control over culture and knowledge. Because whoever controls them, controls the world.

The media industry has tried to make us feel shame, to say that what we are doing is illegal, that we are pirates. They try to roll a stone over us. Take a look around today – see how they have failed. Yes, we are pirates. But whoever believes that it is shameful to be a pirate, has got it wrong. It is something we are proud of.

That is because we have already seen what it means to be without central control. We have already tasted, felt and smelled the freedom of being without top-down controlled monopoly of culture and knowledge. We have already learned how to read and how to write.

And we do not intend to forget how to read and how to write, even if yesterday’s media interests do not find it acceptable.


I saw this post.. it sorta makes sence in a odd way

I mean.. If your talking "knowlage" its perfect.. If your talking culture its perfect..

I still feel that companies ahve a right to make money off what they do.. but i don't feel they should have a right to interfear with my rights to spread culture..