Monthly Archives: April 2006

no updates?

dam work.. keeping me busy

dam runescape... keeping me busy

dam ipod... no.. wait.. not really (love my ipod)

I have just been busy with work and gaming and not alots going on...

stay tuned

Harveys walk (AKA brush with death)

Harvey the Cute
Well i got bored today and decided to take harvey on a walk outside..

so i found his leash.. got him outta the cage. (he does not get out as much as i want him to)

and put his leash on.... out we went.. we went past the corner and down past the managers office and around the other corner..

and up the stairs to walk around the pool..

and then it happened... a bunch of kids from the apt complex were out playing.. this was ok and they wanted to see him (a 14 yr old girl asked a bunch of questions)

The way harvey is on the leash is he love to run amoke.. so he was makeing the kids .. not scared but startling them because they did not know him..

eventually a 2-3 year old got the nerves up to pet him... and put both hands aroudn his neck.. it lasted only a split second but it scared me to death...

The kids loved to see him and watch him and get chased by him a bit..

eventually i thought that we should head in so we went down the stairs on my apt side and back to my apt.

All in all i think harvey had fun and was never in danger.. but :( you never know what may happen.

old friends?

*disclamer: i don't know*

Someone from my past msged me the other day.. Mrschrystler in Runescape.. and it seems that she is sorry for what she has done and said...

I accepted her apology.. but.. sigh. its hard to remember that far ago...

back then i was just starting walmart.. i had tons of problems and no solutions. (still do but more solutions)

I have matured a ton.. its... interesting..

i hope to become good friends again with her.. but considering that she and traci both posted some nasty things here.. its very confusing for me


I had a job interview today with comcast..
I am hoping to get the call center position

this place is just 5 minutes from where i live... it could not be a better job!!!!

I can only hope.. :)

I also had a weird dream last night
(note it was erotic and i can't explain WHY this was )
(i think some of it was influanced by the comcast interview)
i went to australia to do a job interview
i stayed with my grandfather?

I used my phone often (weird that it worked there)
I had gone to a video store and was given a "money card"
i bought a TON of food?
I was drinking alot of water...
I went outside the driveway was covered in plants (like decoration) in the middle of the driveway.?
i went outside and listened to my ipod and watch the traffic
a day went by
the next night a man? said he had nipple clamps on and his mother? (or just a older women friend) was rubbing on my leg and we were talking dirty
i felt a tooth chip in my mouth? and spit it out.

Real life comics

well i had a idea to archive my favoriate comic sites images for my personal use
Real Life Comics

I found some images that i love because .. because they are so funny..
here is one

no stinkin badgers.gif

if i remember there was a flash animation that had "badgers" said all over and had them shown.. i thought it was stupid but i love this :)


easter egg animation

ROFLMAO i love that animation

Runescape added in a new holiday update and its so fun.. you can become a egg

been playing galciv alot still.. its FUN!!!!

The latest beta 1.10[b3a].015 I FOUND A BUG!!!! Minor but still :) i feel good :)

I had a dream the other day... it felt so real... and in a way it makes me sad....

I was going to a airport.. the plan landed.. it was a small two engine prop plane. It had alot of glass windows (large like a school busses front window) the pilot was a Sentient AI. Everyone boarded.

We took off and when we reached a certain height the propellers stopped spinning and folded up to the engine. and we went into space...

After this i am not sure exactly "Where" i am but i have to assume a space station. i am not sure if it was on earth or pendor

Pendor was my goal.. the great hall was my journey.. i know it... i was to be remade into a pendoran.. taken apart and put back together better.. immortal and ... that never happened but i do remember talking to the AI's some.. i lost my ipod (very precious to me and i wear it all the time) and i had asked a AI to save a peice of music so i could synch it up later...

it felt so real.. who knows if it was...