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woot thanks to this site. I was able to make my Iframes better (used for my blog and my pictures).. it makes the size of the frame as long as needed.. so no more messing with scrollbars and such..

this means i can make my photo albums all in one secret hidden directory accessable by the links to the left...

have fun

i also added a Galactic Civ II IRC channel link and a moved my irc channel link to the irc chat.


My mom sold her house yesterday (closed on it) and gave me a .. large sum of money..

I have a savings account now and i will start putting about 25 into it every paycheck.... i wont need to borrow from dad for any car repairs in the future...

weird dream

ugh.. i just woke up (its my weekend and i slept in 3 hours).. .(my moms taking me out to dinner because she sold her house)

But i had a weird dream.. i was at my old trailer.. worrying about money... watching tv.. someone comes in (not sure who) and i ask them to leave...

after that i look at my computer and someone is moving the mouse... and i am scared shitless...

Then i am in a "alien" place (i am female.. a teen titan?) and they showed me a type of long distance TK manipulator/viewer....

they were water breathing.... and i almost drowned?

Then i was at work (Walmart) and there were hurricanes a plenty i had heard... and one near us.. i had tried to call my mom who was in london england to warn her one was gonna hit her area...

Then i went outside after i could not get to her.. to the "lobby enterance" it was very diffrent.. it was like open to the sky and everything. and like as big as a small walmart itself.. and the wind was rushing around.. i layed down and the wind was forcing me to move...

it was very unique but i don't know what it ment

coupla diggs
i thought this t-shirt was funny ... ales_loss_
MPAA will never admit they are not loosing money.. come on if they were making money they would look better then cowshit ... h_Quality)
ipod artwork search ... t_carrier_
OHH MY GOD!!! what a ship... it has to have over 10k grey lego's
(more links)
a coupla jokes for friday?
FLUBBER IS REAL ... me_History
a list of some of the worst game making ideas and decisions ever

My windows replaced

Well i woke up in time to get to work.. got my shower.. even listed to some of NPR's Tech podcast.. but alas i was doomed to be late today...

they are replacing all the windows in my apt complex and as i was leaving they tell me they are going to replace mine..

sigh.. i call into work (i am not gonna let people in my apt without me being here)

and due to a scheduling mixup i had been coming in honestly 2 hours early (at 2pm, but my area managers mixup put me at 4pm)

so my manager was ok with me cutting out since the person here told me that it would be a hour to do it..


A hour later they had it framed in.. but no window..
a hour later (2 hours) they had the window in but no mud done..
after three hours the mudd was done.. sigh..

I also started the 100th quest in runescape... Here are some pics that i have taken so far.

ipod no no’s

Well i decided last nigth to wipe my ipod and reload it fresh..

it told me that the drive could not hold all my stuff... Hmm.. it did before *panic*

i have a shared drive to my other computer which in the past had gotten confused with itunes

i removed it for a short bit.
Still not enough space.. so i unplug my USB backup HD and try again

All while doing this i am redoign the drive.. then i try just synching the music in my playlists to see if it would..

sucsess... and i realized.. the reset cause it to update EVERYTHING
which with current tv shows stands at 39 gigs..

so i make sure the only load checked items is set and it was working


And to the "" thank you for your comments.. i find my modship was that i treasured most along with my true friends..

I have found out via some sources the person that did this was caught..

I hear the KQ got the legs and the KBD got the upper body.....

They are both in the hospital suffering from stomach aches. :)


I found a new lego site that lists almost every lego set out there... man i see alot of them i woulda loved to have :)

Where did mementh go?

AHHH I FOUND A NEW OBSESSION.. Galactic civilisations 2
its a 4x turn based strategy game.. and i am really really getting into it..

i love how they upgraded from the previous version to the current one.. 3d of course... but ship upgrade.. you design you own ships and make them HOW YOU WANT..

you get diffrent options for your planets but i sorta did a mod already for my home planets so that they are super strong... (i proababbly will fix up the enemies but only for balance)

so i have been for about a week now playing this game...

I also got a new remote... its interesting.. i got it for like 30 bucks at wallyworld (clearance)

dragon skirt

dragon skirt


i got a dragon skirt yesterday
i decided to take a break for my fishing and went to the metal dragons

:) woot!!!

i have finished my shark fishing and i cooked them all..

i did not get my 88 cooking like i wanted so i am having to fish some more