Daily Archives: February 27, 2006

a crazy movie idea

i was coming home from getting my new replacement phone..

and i was strangely listening to the radio and heard a song about a girl saying she is "the girl next door"

and i thought what about a movie where a "famous" guy is dating a "famous" actress, but he goes back to his hometown and finds the girl that he used to live next to (before he was famous) and she can't belive that he had a crush on her.. this becomes a problem for him and he falls in love and she does not belive it thinking he is just too famous for her

1 million gp

its been over a month since i was violated.

and i am issuing a decleration

To the hacker/cracker/keylogger/guesser...

tell me how you got my password.. e-mail me mementh@comcast.net

give me my password (thats the only way i will know you are the real deal)

and tell me EXACTLY how you got my password.. i will give you 1 million GP in runescape..

i don't care who you are.. or about my phats and masks..

i just want to know how since i know i was secure.. (or i thought i was)

so.. are you willing to accept this.. i don't care about what i lost. .i just want to know where and how i was violated