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DRM the corperate benifit

I rip CDs to put them onto my iPod, and I do the same with DVDs. Why is one somehow acceptable, but the other not?

this was posted on a digg comment..

i find it relevent.. why is it that the companies wont just get rid of DRM and jsut worry about making content WORTH buying?

See, this sort of thing is what movie companies don't seem to understand.

People who rip their own DVD's *are not pirates*. They are likely ripping the DVD in order to, say, put the movie on an iPod. Or to put it on their computer so they can watch it from any room in their house. Or other totally legitimate and valid uses.

The "pirates" aren't buying your movie in the first place. That's what makes them pirates! Stopping people from ripping your movie doesn't inconvienence pirates one bit, the pirate just goes online and downloads the ripped movie from that 3% of people who were able to rip it.

Technology that prevents fair use *encourages* piracy.

again another intelegent digg user i think

makign it hard for the consumer to use your products would be wrong

its like making somone who buys a new car have to crawl in through the rear because you decided doors allowed carjackers in...

Also from what people wrote.. it seems that they are right.. DRM and other protection scemes are ment only to make it look like your doing a good job..

come on people if i will spend 3 days recoding my dvd to play on my ipod let me

1 month 2 days

Well it has been 1 month and 2 days since i was keylogged.. password guess..

basically since i lost everything

i have rune armor again.. i have my guthans still
i have a task (mining mith in wild)

i have friends... a few.. but still friends

i count myself lucky

i am making some arrows mith and addy right now

then "here black draggy, black draggy, black draggy" and i will get some black hides

i am also working on just relaxing and not playing as much

Also my car is fucked... its needing the master cylinder to be repaired/replaced... but since i got the brakes bled i might be able to get by till i get my bonus check from walmart

yes.. they are giving me one

They lowered the accedent rate to such a low acceptable number that alot of stores could not get there bonuses.

I heared alot of people talking about they were only sticking aroudn for there bonuses..

so they are giving them now and i already have the idea of fixing the brakes or just holding it till the cylinder just brakes