Daily Archives: February 15, 2006

microsoft activation


I think we discussed this in my College Philosophy classes... When does a change in the sum of the parts that make up a computer cause it to cease to be the same computer... or a car/person/animal etc.

i think this poster made a good point... i have basically had the SAME computer since i was 14 and my dad and mom and me got togetehr to get me a computer for christmas (500 buck i had to pay for some of it)

It was a 486 25mhz 170 megs hd 32 megs ram

a few months to a year later i upgraded the cpu to a 486 100mhz
A bit later i got a pentium 90.... (kept the sound card and video card)
then a pentium 233
Then i bought a new case (just moved everything)
then i got a amd 500mhz
then i got a amd 1ghz
then i got a new case
then i got the current one a 1.9ghz amd

All thougought this i have kept at least one part from the previous configuration

IMHO its the same computer but upgraded

now this artical i belive states taht if you buy a new computer and later put in a new motherboard (for example you buy a computer from dell and upgrade it) you have to buy a new OS

this means the os is tied to the motherboard for a OEM computer

but for a homebuilt computer you could always claim a defect or a motherboard fault.... so its only preventing multiple copies being used at the same time.. i understand

but the next major softwear upgrade i make is looking more and more like linux :(


I have alot of audiobooks i have gotten over the years.. and i was listening to one of them today when it jumped in the middle ....

i was like.. this is not right..

i stopped listening to it and when i got home.. sure enough somehow a whole 8 minutes was missing from the audiobook (file was there just it was missing from the encode)

so off i go to use MarkAble to merge the files right this time.. then convert in itunes (which takes forever)

but i checked the files are in order

i also bought some audiobooks from audible.com which has a decent price and a huge library.. plus it works well with itunes so you can import directly and listen.. the only problem is they split huge files... i don't like that but..i can live with it