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where my peeps at


Where my PEEPS at?!?!?!?!

he he.. saw that on a t-shirt at work today and i almost bought it but it seems too ghetto for a fat white man to wear

in other news i am makign some mith bars in game now :) thanks user_nat for the help :)

DRM the corperate benifit

I rip CDs to put them onto my iPod, and I do the same with DVDs. Why is one somehow acceptable, but the other not?

this was posted on a digg comment..

i find it relevent.. why is it that the companies wont just get rid of DRM and jsut worry about making content WORTH buying?

See, this sort of thing is what movie companies don't seem to understand.

People who rip their own DVD's *are not pirates*. They are likely ripping the DVD in order to, say, put the movie on an iPod. Or to put it on their computer so they can watch it from any room in their house. Or other totally legitimate and valid uses.

The "pirates" aren't buying your movie in the first place. That's what makes them pirates! Stopping people from ripping your movie doesn't inconvienence pirates one bit, the pirate just goes online and downloads the ripped movie from that 3% of people who were able to rip it.

Technology that prevents fair use *encourages* piracy.

again another intelegent digg user i think

makign it hard for the consumer to use your products would be wrong

its like making somone who buys a new car have to crawl in through the rear because you decided doors allowed carjackers in...

Also from what people wrote.. it seems that they are right.. DRM and other protection scemes are ment only to make it look like your doing a good job..

come on people if i will spend 3 days recoding my dvd to play on my ipod let me

1 month 2 days

Well it has been 1 month and 2 days since i was keylogged.. password guess..

basically since i lost everything

i have rune armor again.. i have my guthans still
i have a task (mining mith in wild)

i have friends... a few.. but still friends

i count myself lucky

i am making some arrows mith and addy right now

then "here black draggy, black draggy, black draggy" and i will get some black hides

i am also working on just relaxing and not playing as much

Also my car is fucked... its needing the master cylinder to be repaired/replaced... but since i got the brakes bled i might be able to get by till i get my bonus check from walmart

yes.. they are giving me one

They lowered the accedent rate to such a low acceptable number that alot of stores could not get there bonuses.

I heared alot of people talking about they were only sticking aroudn for there bonuses..

so they are giving them now and i already have the idea of fixing the brakes or just holding it till the cylinder just brakes

microsoft activation


I think we discussed this in my College Philosophy classes... When does a change in the sum of the parts that make up a computer cause it to cease to be the same computer... or a car/person/animal etc.

i think this poster made a good point... i have basically had the SAME computer since i was 14 and my dad and mom and me got togetehr to get me a computer for christmas (500 buck i had to pay for some of it)

It was a 486 25mhz 170 megs hd 32 megs ram

a few months to a year later i upgraded the cpu to a 486 100mhz
A bit later i got a pentium 90.... (kept the sound card and video card)
then a pentium 233
Then i bought a new case (just moved everything)
then i got a amd 500mhz
then i got a amd 1ghz
then i got a new case
then i got the current one a 1.9ghz amd

All thougought this i have kept at least one part from the previous configuration

IMHO its the same computer but upgraded

now this artical i belive states taht if you buy a new computer and later put in a new motherboard (for example you buy a computer from dell and upgrade it) you have to buy a new OS

this means the os is tied to the motherboard for a OEM computer

but for a homebuilt computer you could always claim a defect or a motherboard fault.... so its only preventing multiple copies being used at the same time.. i understand

but the next major softwear upgrade i make is looking more and more like linux :(


I have alot of audiobooks i have gotten over the years.. and i was listening to one of them today when it jumped in the middle ....

i was like.. this is not right..

i stopped listening to it and when i got home.. sure enough somehow a whole 8 minutes was missing from the audiobook (file was there just it was missing from the encode)

so off i go to use MarkAble to merge the files right this time.. then convert in itunes (which takes forever)

but i checked the files are in order

i also bought some audiobooks from which has a decent price and a huge library.. plus it works well with itunes so you can import directly and listen.. the only problem is they split huge files... i don't like that but..i can live with it

lotta diggs

well i got my car back.. but its brakes are barely working..

so i have a person from work who's husband owns a shop that i am going to tommorow

i found some good diggs lately
this man was a great actor.. he went from a cruel man to baring his soul in the acing in babylon 5

rest in peace friend ... HILARIOUS_
the VP shot someone.. now its a big joke ... 0188776481
"gold digger" parody
Solar power spray on

woot... wonder when bikkinis will be made of this stuff
wow.. now if we can get more people like this then we will be better off
a sim city close that i think its prety neat.. been giving it a spin tonight

WOW gotta look at this
coupla tricks to teach your body.. wow

What have i been doing since the last post

Well.. friday night my dad was afraid that nashville would get alot of snow or that he would be running really late..

So i had to spend the night over at his place, I checked his computer for some sign of the keylogger or whatever got my account a while back...

Also there was No snow but he was running behind... so i guess he was right?

Saturday night i worked on finishing my collecting of ingrediints for tuna potatoes...

and sunday night i started putting them together and i got 80 fishing !!!

I hope to get my brakes fixed today and go fuss at the people at the sprint store (over a month wiht a shitty assed phone that they gave me and wont work)

what a idiot

I found this tonight on the forums.. its.. unique.. and i hope this idiot is not still around in game...

dumb idiot

i am about 15k from a str lvl and 12k form a prayer 23.2k from a fishing lvl

looks like i will be lvling every day this weekend

night night

Well i am headed to bed here...

I got another frog token and i decided to do a change to my character (just because) and changed Mementh to a female character..
i plan to change back soon.. maybe... someday..

I also have been killing some black draggies and raising my range :)