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i was in the irc channel and one of the HORRABLE TERRIBLE people there named FRIZOID heard me talking about me being hacked a while back..

And this is what she did ....

DAM YOU!!! :)

(P.S. i really really appreciate it man.. no i cam put the money i have to other things)

a crazy movie idea

i was coming home from getting my new replacement phone..

and i was strangely listening to the radio and heard a song about a girl saying she is "the girl next door"

and i thought what about a movie where a "famous" guy is dating a "famous" actress, but he goes back to his hometown and finds the girl that he used to live next to (before he was famous) and she can't belive that he had a crush on her.. this becomes a problem for him and he falls in love and she does not belive it thinking he is just too famous for her

1 million gp

its been over a month since i was violated.

and i am issuing a decleration

To the hacker/cracker/keylogger/guesser...

tell me how you got my password.. e-mail me

give me my password (thats the only way i will know you are the real deal)

and tell me EXACTLY how you got my password.. i will give you 1 million GP in runescape..

i don't care who you are.. or about my phats and masks..

i just want to know how since i know i was secure.. (or i thought i was)

so.. are you willing to accept this.. i don't care about what i lost. .i just want to know where and how i was violated

life the universe and everything

I have made a few posts on the forums for runescape.. and one of them deals with religon..

specifically god and does he she it exist..

here is one post i made..

religion in of itself i belive is something that all of us have.. even if we deny it... its impossable to deny forever..

but.... the problem is orginized religion allowes for one voice.. but not always a rational one..

you have people who start wars over money.. belifes... and hatred...

its been shown all religions go though this.. they all get zealots that will blow themselves up because they believe its right..

when they are only hurting themselves....

Now when religion realizes its not what we think... when we realizes religion helps balance us.. it allows us to in my personal belife ask for the universe's guidance...

i remember a quote... (probabbly misquoted) "It is belived that once man answers the ultimate question that the universe will sease and be replaced. Some say this has happened already"

it means i think that at a certain point we will know the question to ask about everything.. we will have the 1 inch equasion that will answer everything in this universe...

But i think the ultimate answer lies with whats outside the universe..

If you think about it.. Somehting comes from somthing.. that something comes from something.. and that something cam from something else..

but where did it originate from.. where did GOD come from.. Where did it start? this question baffes and scares me because it asks a question that i think the answer to will end the universe..

Where are we? what started all this? why did it start? what came before it started?

"here there be dragons"


sigh work is stupid ...

my boss just liked to argue when he knows he is wrong...

for example he does not track the "outs" (items that are out of stock) and he is supposed to reorder when he checks and sees that there is no order..

but he has had to since our manager ove rhte area has been cracking down on him

in other news i have a migrane so i am headed to bed early

GOT brakes?

I do..... got my car back and the brakes are working 100%

i am also happy.. my phone failed the test @ the sprint store

this means they are getting a new replacment..

lets hope i don't need to replace it again