Daily Archives: January 2, 2006

Good morning

Because i was up all day i slept like all evening till now

Why was i up.. my stupid cell phone died on me and i too it in..

now most cell phones have a 1 year warrenty... because i have a extra plan on mine it has no experation on the warrenty !!!!!! WOOT !!!!!

they upgraded me from my Sanyo 8200 to a Sanyo 5500 (slight upgrade since i know the 5500 came out just about a month before the 8200)


My neighbor decided to evict himself last night... when i got home there were three cop cars outside and a angry person cuffed inside... the person was my next door neibor...

he had broken his windows and thrown a bunch of his stuff out....

i feel sorry about him.. not for him.. because i belive that he lived off what he could wasel out.. he supposedly had alot of medical issues.. but... honestly i don't belive he really did..

I feel sorry about people in this situation where people try to get what they have not earned... ... they need help.. not the kind that they are getting