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Well as i mentioned i play a game called runescape...

in this game i am a trusted player by the games creators and am a player moderator ( i make sure people are obeying the rules in game only and my reports of bad people get looked at first)

well i had for a while a online girlfriend (traci aka in game as pkendra) whom i paid for her membership....

Reason for mentioning all this is that they contacted me today saying they found out....


luckily they are not taking action and this was more of a warning...


Now i realize There are rules i have to follow but.. this was a bit... sidestepping ...

so i lucked out and did not get in MAJOR trouble.. but i had better watch it...

Unfortunatly i have broken up with Traci and i consider her a good trusted friend

Confusious says He who steals shoes has no good soul

Stolen Shoes

Confusious says He who steals shoes has no good soul!!!

I found these today at work (i work for wallyworld in the sporting goods department) and a customer on monday told us he had seen them there.. i did not find them till tuesday since we were a bit busy.

these shoes were in a bad state.. i mean.. if i had seen it from the guy i would bought them for him since these probabbly were owned by a bum before I found them... sigh....

you would be amazed to see what we find sometimes...

Box o empty condoms one time...

then later on a pregnency test..

guess something broke !!!!

Day off!!!!

WOOT!!! my boss mess up this week and was out of town monday and tuesday... so.. guess who had to work... but i do get thursday off today... :)

Some about me.. I have a pet ferret (if you did not see the bouncing ferret on the side there)

I also play a game called Runescape which is a fun massive multiplayer online roleplaying game... very fun :)

Ferret I also play a game called Runescape which is a fun massive multiplayer online roleplaying game... very fun :)]]>

christmas and day after

well... i got some good presents from my dad and mom.

Mom gave me a sweatsuit/windbreaker suit (why do they include pants... are you supposed to put them on over your current pants?)

I gave my neice a pillow throw duckie (with a baseball cap on it) and my nephew got a pillow throw fire truck.

I gave my (first youngest sister (the one born after i was) a card and $20 bucks.

My dad gave me a lable printer (my handwriting stinks horrably!!!!) and $160 bucks

I got a few cartrages for the printer with it (used up the sample that came with it quickly) and a tool set because i have no screwdrivers here :(

I also got a wind up flashlight.. (for the car) but my curiosity got the better of me and i opened it up... it might be possable to use the setup to make a extra battery for a cell phone or a Ipod... (if anyone reading this knows how for a Ipod please contact me)

It seems to charge a nicad? battery when you turn the crank and that powers the flashlight (its not like the flywheel crank i heard about on a radio)

but considering it says 1 min cranking gives 25-30 mins of light for a led flshlight that could mean a few minutes of IPOD playing or a call if you had the right adapter

but i still have about $80 left so i am gonna get another light for the car and i will try working with this one... i know i would have to get the voltage up to 12 volts.. but it would be a interesting idea reguardless

da new setup??

Well.. i got the blogs on the main page!!!! WOOT
i am using Simple php Blog It seems to work pretty good cept images and such don't show up on the front..

my forums are dead for now ( no use ) and i am working on a album gallery.. hopefully i can get it working right...

maybe this is a start of a new way for Mementh....

First blog!

well this is my first blog entry... sigh.... finding a simple blog and Album softwear is hard to do...

most require mysql (which i got working i think)
but there is such a large number of scripts and options that no one wants to support them because they did not write them....

then you get people who because i am on a windows machine wont help me.. or blah.