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The Cry is answered

Ling awoke hearing the cry for help in her mind again, knowing now where it came from, Anderhal.
She paid the innkeeper for her breakfast and headed to Silvermoon to use the orb to teleport to Undercity!
Ling left the city shuddering and clutching her stomach, the smells were powerful there, she was sad now that she had eaten heavily before leaving.

She traveled east, avoiding the patrols of undead till she found the house, inside and upstairs she found who was crying out to her mind, a succubus who was tending a few demons that were sick looking and dieing.

Darwen started to tell her tale, " Our Former Master many weeks ago thought he was strong and could summon us all to Azeroth at once. "
"It would give him a advantage over other Warlocks to use us all at once" She explained while playing with her tail.

"You may not know this but when a Warlock summons a demon to Azeroth he is summoning a Avatar, A Shell that we can control in essence, when it is destroyed we return to the twisting nether unharmed and able to be summoned again.

Darwen starts mixing some elixers and gives the resulted concoction to the Voidwalker and the Imp on the bed that both looked like they were faded and nearly gone. Both perked up a bit after drinking the elixer down.

"This elixer helps them stay alive, but it is nearing its limits that it will work. You see his Spell worked, just a bit too well, it pulled us fully into Azeroth, no avatar, us fully realized."

Darwen points to the green fire stain on the back wall, "That is all that is left of him, he engulfed in FelFire and burned to ash"

Ling looked at her in horror, knowing only a bit about summoning from when she was imprisoned she gasped, "So you have no link to the twisting nether to give you energy, how can I help?"

Darwen looked down almost in shame, "We would have to be bound to you, then you could send us back so we can heal and replenish our strength. But it would mean you control us, we would be slaves."

Darwen sits down in the chair backwards so her tail can be free and sets her head down on her hands. "We don't want to be slaves again to a cruel master like our former. The pain he caused to us was incredible, and I don't want to be used like he did to me ever again!"

"I cast a spell, to call for a master that could save us but would not abuse or hurt us. We don't mind being of use or helping you gain power, it is that we are living beings and want to be respected." Darwen slams her hoof down looking fiercely at Ling.

Ling smiled at Darwen, " I have no desire to hurt to gain power, only to help those that are weak. I will do what I can to assist."

Darwen elated by this jumps out of the chair it clattering to the ground and tackles Ling in a hug, "Thank you Thank you! I hear your words ring true!"

"You don't have a staff to bind with, and it will have to be a powerful one to bind us all at once, then you can return us one at a time back to the Twisting Nether." Darwen gets up and finds a book handing it to Ling, " This contained the contacts of our former master, the one in Orgrimmar should help you if you can pay his price."

Ling gets up taking the book, " How long do you think the potion will work?"

" Another week or two at the most, I am able to go out still and gather, the others are too sick and weak." Darwen looks with hope at Ling, " I am giving of my essence to save them, I am strong but I know I will not last forever, I have a favor to ask before you go."

Darwen pulls out a orb with green energies flowing through it, there is barley any flowing around, it represents the fel energy that the demons are living off of now.
"Can you put some fel energy in? It will give us more time and it would not hurt you like it would me, a night or two's rest would recharge you fully"

Ling looked at her, Darwens face in desperation, begging, tail limp along her legs.

Ling smiled, knowing it was the first time she could truly help another being with her powers and put her hands on the orb focusing on putting a good deal of energy in she looked inside herself and the energy poured, not fully green energy filled the orb, a light yellow tinged the green energy and the orb was filled to capacity.

Ling smiled and said, " That should give you enough time to recover your energy and the others energy, I felt something else and can see its not the same shade of color, but i don't think it will harm you.

Ling then heads to the door with Darwen following after securing the precious orb.

"Our former master had a Felsteed in the barn, I suspect you could ride him rather then walking to the Undercity to catch the Zeplin" Darwen said as she opened the barn door.

"Thank you, and I will be back" Ling said as she mounted the steed and rode off.

Lings Second day and a cry for help.

So Lings Second day got her almost to 20 before i had to sleep,

She was tasked with stopping a tribe of trolls that were raiding and stealing supplies, she knew they were harming people, not for food or to survive but to show power!

She was thanked, she knew it would be a job that this would be a rarity.

She helped a few others going around and killing more of the wretched and furthering her desire to stop that from happening to her.
Ling was happy when someone called upon her to help cleanse a fortress of evil, people building a ship and calling themselves defias terrorizing a populace!

She then was Tasked with helping a cavern to be cleansed from a evil that had built up and to wake a protector for that cavern, Now it no longer wails.

After that she helped a man plan and get supplies for a party, Ling felt joyous, She was helping and did not hurt those that she could save. She was sad because she remembered things she had done under the old warlocks control, flashes bits and pieces. But she vowed to keep strong, and help others!

At the party she did partake of a mild mind altering substance and heard a cry of pain from another, a demon being hurt to serve someone, she plans to in the near future find this demon and free it to save it from being tortured.

So Ling Carter used to be a young teenage blood elf, Interested in the mechanics of machines and how the metals were made.
Her parents noticed how her inventions and tools just seemed to work, as if she was using magic.

The evil warlock killed her parents, and took her as prisoner!
(One should know that drain life works to extend the life of the drainer but it does not work that well, it will eventually stop giving enough life to be worth it and that warlock was near the end)

The Warlock Blood Elf that captured her took control over her mind, through her teenage years she was forced to learn the dark arts of fel energy and magic so that the old warlock could take over her body and live forever.

After a good while she started to regain some of her mind, slowly.. bits and pieces, the old warlock had gotten complacent, thinking the spells would hold for long enough to complete the spell that took years to prepare.

When Ling woke one night, she was free, the spell had faded and she ran.. never learning or caring why.. she went to the nearest village. There the authorities felt the fel energies she had been using for her entire teenage life and decided to have her escorted into a medical facility for those that had overused magic or had gone insane with magic.

After checking her story over the following weeks and months, the mages and priests that checked her mind and soul they found that she had been tainted to where the magic she could use was no longer pure and arcane, and she could not wield the light either.

That night was told this she she vowed she would do whatever it took to protect others so that they would not be harmed, that she would follow two rules in her life.
If it harms no one, do it!
Protect the weak from the strong.

After a while the people in charge of the allowed her to leave, not seeing her as a threat to society directly and knowing she could control her magic, she went out to see who she can help and to learn how she can use her powers! One of the Priests gave her a mount to ride to the city, she was told he was sturdy and would keep her safe, but might be a bit slow.

Once she got to the city she was tasked with helping around and fixing things.. She found a Warlock trainer that gave her some information to help her some. But he was not very receptive of her desires to help others.


One of which she was shown what happens when one overfeed too much on magic and becomes too addicted to it.
She vowed never to let a search for power do that to her, she would always make sure she would never be able to harm those she cared about.


After a while she went further south and found a INN to stop at and sleep.


So its been a while.. I know I have not been blogging a huge amount..

I am planning, maybe, to make a warlock in wow.. a pure evil class that I have shyed away from because it is evil.

I have never liked evil in a game.. the idea of warlocks who seek fel energies which are considered evil, to empower themselves is .. not who i am.

I have sought a character that could use "evil ways" for good.

The stories by Lazlo Zalezac have a character in there called Ling Carter.

She is a nice woman, fierce and powerful, I thought about making a monk with her for dps.. but considered she is dedicated to the two rules, if it harms no one do it... protect the weak from the strong.

She would learn how to do despicable things.. killing shooting and torturing to help those on the side of good.

For a while she would use too much force, killing when she did not have to!
Then she celebrated getting off on a technicality and a son banned her and his sister from visiting for a year, this helped her move forward and learn not to go too far.

At one point she helps the Druids get vital information from a person, the Druid left her in a room with the man knowing he would be tortured but it was to help protect the weak she hurt him.

Ling Carter will be my warlock.. dedicated to learning to use Fel energies to help others, striving not to cause pain for those that do not deserve it. But for those that do, they will wish they never were born.