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dreams today

i had two dreams last night.. the first one i was weaping over a fictional womans death (Beth from the John carter universe) I was going though a file folder with Photo's in it.... i think someone walked by me ?Ed biggers? not sure who but it was a man...

The other dream i had was where i am in a hotel with a few other people.. Someone attacks and they fail.. the person who was part of the attacks was a highly wanted person and we got a reward..

They had to take some stuff from us to examin? the peopl i was with was Yosi from the old tv show "The Screen Savers" and I know Leo was there since we mentioned that his new laptop had to be worked over.
(this felt like it was also in the John Carter universe)

both interesting and i enjoyed the dreams :)


I had a job interview today with comcast..
I am hoping to get the call center position

this place is just 5 minutes from where i live... it could not be a better job!!!!

I can only hope.. :)

I also had a weird dream last night
(note it was erotic and i can't explain WHY this was )
(i think some of it was influanced by the comcast interview)
i went to australia to do a job interview
i stayed with my grandfather?

I used my phone often (weird that it worked there)
I had gone to a video store and was given a "money card"
i bought a TON of food?
I was drinking alot of water...
I went outside the driveway was covered in plants (like decoration) in the middle of the driveway.?
i went outside and listened to my ipod and watch the traffic
a day went by
the next night a man? said he had nipple clamps on and his mother? (or just a older women friend) was rubbing on my leg and we were talking dirty
i felt a tooth chip in my mouth? and spit it out.


easter egg animation

ROFLMAO i love that animation

Runescape added in a new holiday update and its so fun.. you can become a egg

been playing galciv alot still.. its FUN!!!!

The latest beta 1.10[b3a].015 I FOUND A BUG!!!! Minor but still :) i feel good :)

I had a dream the other day... it felt so real... and in a way it makes me sad....

I was going to a airport.. the plan landed.. it was a small two engine prop plane. It had alot of glass windows (large like a school busses front window) the pilot was a Sentient AI. Everyone boarded.

We took off and when we reached a certain height the propellers stopped spinning and folded up to the engine. and we went into space...

After this i am not sure exactly "Where" i am but i have to assume a space station. i am not sure if it was on earth or pendor

Pendor was my goal.. the great hall was my journey.. i know it... i was to be remade into a pendoran.. taken apart and put back together better.. immortal and ... that never happened but i do remember talking to the AI's some.. i lost my ipod (very precious to me and i wear it all the time) and i had asked a AI to save a peice of music so i could synch it up later...

it felt so real.. who knows if it was...

weird dream

ugh.. i just woke up (its my weekend and i slept in 3 hours).. .(my moms taking me out to dinner because she sold her house)

But i had a weird dream.. i was at my old trailer.. worrying about money... watching tv.. someone comes in (not sure who) and i ask them to leave...

after that i look at my computer and someone is moving the mouse... and i am scared shitless...

Then i am in a "alien" place (i am female.. a teen titan?) and they showed me a type of long distance TK manipulator/viewer....

they were water breathing.... and i almost drowned?

Then i was at work (Walmart) and there were hurricanes a plenty i had heard... and one near us.. i had tried to call my mom who was in london england to warn her one was gonna hit her area...

Then i went outside after i could not get to her.. to the "lobby enterance" it was very diffrent.. it was like open to the sky and everything. and like as big as a small walmart itself.. and the wind was rushing around.. i layed down and the wind was forcing me to move...

it was very unique but i don't know what it ment