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Death of Rare

I came up with this a long while back.. but just re-vamped it to include new things and ideas since the ge came out

Party is still Thursday May 1, 2008 17:00 [-06:00]

Death of Rare’s Birth of a Holiday Shop and Random Retirement Home

Ok, I think its time for a change, I am calling for the Death of Rare’s as we know it.

OMG WTF BBQ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, Here is the idea, One day Jagex Freezes all trades of Party Hates Half Wines Easter Eggs Masks and the Masks (all Rare’s)

A update comes out, The new Holiday & Rare’s Shop And Random Retirement Home.

First lets Deal with the Randoms, They will have their own separate Rooms or areas, each one can be done over and over for few gp.

The reason we would have this is because Jagex has removed some Randoms in the past and has hinted at removing more.

Now onto the meat of the post.

The Rare’s Store will sell every rare there, though there is a catch, because we want player owned items to be traded rather than have people buy from a shop.

So to fix this the shop will sell the Rare’s at a variable increase over the GE max Cost.
This means that if “Rare Item” costs 10M max at GE, then if it’s being traded heavily (meaning a lot of sales are going on) it will cost 50% more at the store. Which puts the price @ 15M.

But if it’s being traded lightly (few buys/sells in the prior week) it will sell for 20% more than GE price.
So the same 10M item would cost 12M.

This amount will flux and move based on the 7 or 30 day cycle. (meaning one day it might be 35% the next 20% or 50%)

This would make it so people would trade items on the GE rather than buy from shop.

Now, I also believe Current Prices are way out of line for this game and for the shop.

At the Time of Writing the Blue Phat cost according the Grand Exchange Database.
Minimum price: 380M Market price: 400M Maximum price: 420M

So my idea to allow the average person a option to have a Rare is this.

We remove all CURRENT rare items from the game (hold on) because they were teleported to the shop for reconditioning.

This makes it so that a person does not lose any Rare’s from the addition of the Shop to when they stop by it.

All Current Rare’s would receive a update here for prices, for example the Blue Phat would now cost say 10M.

The player would go to the Rare’s Stock Manager.

Here there are a few options the Player would have. (we are still using the Blue Phat as a example.)

1. Cash out the Rare, the player would receive automatically the Medium price for their rare as it was before the update. (400M)

2. Take Stocks, Player would receive the MAX price of the Rare, so 420M. And under a special “pre-owners discount” they would be sold 42 New Blue Phats.

3. Keep one, sell the rest, The player would get Either the Max Price of the Rare, or Somewhat less. (3-4% less) The Extra ones would be put on the GE (like coinshare does today) at med price.
The player would receive immediately the money without a guarantee of actually selling the item

The Shop will have two purposes, selling new Rare’s, but also managing the economy.

If a Specific Rare’s Natural Price gets above a certain limit (which will be quite high to prevent the need to do this often), then it gets pulled for Reconditioning again, and the prices are reset and the user has the three options again. As I see it this is Similar to a Stock Split on the Stock Market.

This keeps Rare’s at a affordable price for people but still able to show off Wealth and Status.

There would be few other updates to this in regards to Rare’s.

This would be done to stop Junk Traders, which means that you can buy a Rare for one type of item.
You can pay Gold Pieces, or any one item (even multiple boxed sets of armor), but not two.

When you put up another item you would get a message,
"Guthix feels that this items balance requires only one item to be offered for it"

Meaning the GE is what sets the price, there are no Merchanters that can manipulate the prices to suit their needs. There is NO Junk Trading of the new items allowed.

You would lose nothing on the Current Price, and can get MAX price even. And then sit on them to see if they go up or down.

Xmas Update

What has mementh been up to in the last month?

Not alot, its been a slow month and I have been fishing. I have gained 680,267 exp in fishing, and about 68k? exp in strength from barbarian fishing.

Then there was the MAJOR ruckus with the update... which i am thinking it will be ok in the end.

I honestly believe that Jagex had to make a update to stop RWT and was working on it.. but had to do it long before they were ready.

I hope not too many people have over reacted to this...

I saw a old friend was online (or i had not talked to him in a long while)

Then the XMAS UPDATE!!!!! I had ALOT OF FUN doing crazy things.

My friend Unklqb and I went into the Tzhaar Caves and made it snow!!!!

Then I Formed a Snowman Army and robbed the Al Kahdrid bank. (We lost 5 snowmen and came out with only 100kgp)

I made it Snow in Al Kahdrid.

AND I made it snow in Tzhaar Caves.. (you should have seen the inhabitants playing with the snow, its almost as if they had NEVER seen it before)

I Met SANTA!!!!!! I guess he was training for this Sleigh Ride

This picture speaks for itself :)

There was the snowball fight with Fern57 and 4be2jue, we had fun :)
And We all danced

Later on I convinced Ikkipu and Sherman to go kill the KBD with me :) we killed a bunch but I did not get a KBD head.

The next day I went with Das1330 and R3d R0bb1n and Helios Gamos.
Not as much fun, no KBD head but we did two trips, First one was Das1330, R3d R0bb1n, and me. Second Was Das1330 Helios Gamos and me.

What made it so bad was Das1330 had to leave due to not having enough health. so me and Helios killed one dragon, and then HELIOS ACCIDENTALLY TELEPORTED OUT!!!



I get out.. 30 HP left.. no food and only prayer pots.. and the FEAR of a Revenant coming up to kill me!!!

I make it to lvl 30 wild and use my glory ammy !!!SAFE!!!

I Am also doing some cleanup of my friends list.. and wanted to post who I removed.. Most of these people are removed because i have not seen them on in such a while that I can't remember when I last talked to them. (if you know what happened to them let me know) (some are parts of groups I am in.. others are just friends from or that I have met)(FYI I will add people back as I need this is just to give me a list to refer to)

Frizoid (thank you again for the Whip :) )
Fat Slug (i belive she is not playing anymore)
Jaklumen (i know has been on but i have not talked to in ages)
Cimmorene (i know has been on but i have not talked to in ages)
Uberdad (i think you play during the day so we have not met up since xmas 06)
The Tallest1
Magic Lila
Kosh (may your three sided sword guide you)
SD Tobes (hope your catching alot of lobsters now that you quit work :) )
Sdthaman (thanks for all the quest help :) )
Thrawn Jl
Vlad The Old
Blackbane (hope your cabbage collection grows with the new update)
Mr Sns

The following people i mostly talk to in various clan chats so, your being removed but just to clean up my list :)
Neko Negde
Helios Gamos
R3d R0bb1n
Hugh mannity
Norman Biggs

Interview with the Savior of the Fishing Guild

Interview with the Savior of the Fishing Guild

He was banned from the Fishing Guild, Shunned.
He found a new home and was accepted.
Then when his old stomping grounds needed him, He found a way to merge both his old and new homes together, Literally.

Let me present Mementh.

Tell me Mementh, how does it feel to be unbanned from the Fishing Guild?
“Its great, I wish it had not happened, But that’s water under the bridge.”

So As the introduction has stated you had found a new home in Burgh De Rott, Fishing sharks, and feeding the locals.

“Quite right Burgh De Rott is now able to fend for themselves and the townsfolk are healthier than they ever have been.”

So tell us, When did you learn of the Fishing Guilds Closure to Shark Fishing?

“I was taking a break from fishing and had headed over to the Void Knight Outpost to help them some, I am trying to collect a full set of their armor.
And I was reading the Varrock Herald which had the story in it”

I assume that you were mad about being banned falsely?

“Yes, and no, I was upset but I realized I was the “fall guy” which it could have happened to others”

What lead you to come up with the fix that has brought back the Shark to the Fishing Guild.

“Sigh At first I knew I had to do something, but I knew not what. Then it struck me, The Fremennik People thrive on sharks. And they have a Goddess who they worship, Fossegrimen the Fremennik god of sharks and sealife, I decided to head on up and pay this god a visit and see what could be done.

I spoke with Fossegrimen after putting a raw BIG shark on her alter, I asked her ‘Fossegrimen There is a area to the south that has been devoid of the glorious shark for a short time. I wish to help these people re-gain access to the sharks.

It was her who said that there was nothing that could be done to bring the sharks back via the river that fed the lake.”

So what was suggested?

“Well I made a comment about how it would all be good if we could move the sharks from the Town of Burgh De Rott to the Fishing guild.

As I teleported away intended to go back to Burgh De Rott I realized… we could TELEPORT the Sharks En Mass.
I went to the only wizard I knew who could help me, Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne.
I explained to the wizard what I needed. He knew of the portals for teleporting that can be built in a person’s home.

What we needed was bigger and more complex. We hashed things out and figured we could build two portals, One in Burgh De Rott and one in the Fishing Guild.

I went to Elisabeta and started talked between her and the Fishing Guild Committee. The Committee agreed to unban be and help the town of Burgh De Rott more then I could, if we could construct this portal.

We realized it would take over 100 mahogany logs per portal and 1000 law runes and a lot of special help from Wizard Cromperty. “

But there was a problem, how to make sure only sharks went though and were not killed by the Rock Crabs.

How did you overcome that hurdle?

“I went back to Fossegrimen and asked her for her help. She seemed surprised, and though she accepted we would use magic, but I was able to convince her.

She gave me two Crystals to use in the construction of the portal which would attract only sharks.

Keeping the Rock Crabs proved to be a bit more difficult…

I remembered that the Town of Yanille is protected by a tower that uses magic to keep the Ogre’s out. They said it could be done but they would need a set of protection crystals tuned to Rock Crabs and Sharks to allow the sharks to go through but the rock crabs not to”

Was this a Deal Breaker?

“No, I spoke again with Fossegrimen and found I could get essence of Shark and essence of Rock Crab to have her make into Crystals, which we used to setup a barrier at the mouth of the river.

We then activated the portal and waited a few days. Since then the over abundance of sharks that Burgh De Rott had, have gone to The Fishing Guild. “

So that’s how you saved the Fishing Guild!
What do you plan on doing now?

“Well I Just got 96 fishing and I Had a small party at the Fishing Guild.

I saw Neko Negde, Baerht, Iquende, Anishka0, and Sheynara at the party.

Then we went to my Home and I had a mini tournament where everyone played and Sheynara won 150k.

I want to thank Pokemama who gave me some Admiral pies after I ran out.

Well I am no longer banned from the Guild as you can tell.. I also got lvl 96 and don't need to use pies anymore :)

Gratz to Sherynara who won the fight :)


You can find more pics And Some Video @ My Photo Album

Movie Night for Dreams

I had a few interesting dreams last night.... its all a jumbled mess but a few reporters were covering the trek of two dinobots i think slag and the bronceosour (the one that had the long neck and then one that had the three horns)

they were the gen 1 figures and were walking around for something?

also there was a "newscast" about Hellboy the sequal.. actually a trilogy planned?

And it was about his past in 1983 and a villan he had?

I also feel i had dream about constitine the movie with keno reves? and i had talked to someone?

weird ones that don't make too much sense... yet

Dream for tonight

I Have not done much in runescape (just tired and busy with a few other things)

But i had a dream last night. I was at my mothers.. i had some sort of Indian necklace on. I was dressing. I went into the other bedroom. There was the cats (my cat rascal and another cat?) And they had killed a mouse.

Then i look outside. My moms blue tent and canvas chair was setup. There was woods a distance to one side but a large field on the other.

There was a storm coming.. Not a violent one.. but it feels like one of change.. it was going to come though and cause some trouble but not alot.

We could see the wall of water that was the leading edge of the rain.

I went into the minivan to talk to my mom and then i was going back into the house but my mom asked my sisters to get something to eat from the house.

Then i woke up

Mementh Joins the 1800 total SKill Club in RUNESCAPE!!

Yes I have no life! I had gotten two genie lamps and gotten just to the point of getting the lvl 92 cooking..

I went up to the lvl 51 wild Volcano :)

I invited Kiwi_Pearls and Jaklumen.. then Laikrob and Norman_Biggs came up :)
link*edit* all pics can be found at this link

Then we went to the Bridge and we all lined up for a photo

Wish # 1

Wish # 2

*^~^! LEVEL ~^~^*

After that we decided to play follow the leader (while trying to find the chaos elemental

Lakirob lead the way.

Norma got herself skulled

Following the leader PC version

We Found the Chaos Elemental

Jak Died First

I buried his bones


then the rest of us


(ohh well i will just have to get another one made)

I decided to give everyone 50 sharks for good luck and thanks for coming out :)

Last nights dream

Last night i had a very weird dream.

well.. what happened is this.. weird dream...

i am on pern... (but not the pern i know directly) and i meet with someone that says there immortal.. now in this story i am as well.. but i am a dimensional hopper and i try to figure out how they did it..

now on this world it seems that the game i know as runescape has some reality.. the person mentions the spell only uses mind runes (which is a low level deal) and that they were new when they did it..

i talk to a law enforcer about these people, and mention how old they MIGHT be.. and get myself in a situation with them.. they come after me and surround me..

turns out there telepath's and can read my mind, (i believe that what they could see was a "second personality" designed to hide my real mind) and they overwhelm my mind and body while i try to initiate a dimensional jump to escape..

i wake up and it seems they have tried to do some mental programing.. and they have slashed my neck all the way around except for my adams apple leaving bandages on there..

the programing they gave me was supposed to get me addicted to computer games so that i wont do anything else.. the game was BB or battlefield something (can't remember the name offhand anymore)

I remember thinking i could use the computer somehow to send a message and get help.. so i ask my "mistress" if i can play the computer...

it seems that the person was running some variant of windows 3.11 or so.. cause it looked just like it.. or windows nt version 4 i think..

anyways.. i remember seeing a shit ton of henti sites in the firefox browser.

I remember looking up and there was a second monitor but i could barely speak and just croaked.

after that i woke up..

weird dreams i am having.. right :)

some dreams i have had… very weird/interesting…

ok... yesterday i had two dreams that were interesting enough to stay with me.

the first one is that a zombie invasion happens.. we baricade ourselves into the home and take in those that are safe...

but what happens is i find out using a chocolate bonbon.. or a piece of such.. i can create a "electro static boom" (basically a mini lightning storm) this might have been affected by the fact i was sleeping on my hand and it "fell asleep."
but we went driving around throwing the "bombs" to get rid of the zombies.

The other dream from last night... it was not as strait forward.
I boarded a "navy" ship.. more of a cargo? ship... I meet the "captain" in the mess hall which looks like a restaurant in design (with booths and tables) and not a efficient mess hall and i was there as a civilian specialist... it felt more like the children of Damia and Afra Gwen-Raven-Lyon (from the Tower series)
they were at port and i remember running around the ship and the gangplanks. eventually i meet up with a bunch of the crew and i get pushed into a lovely woman in i think pink (we were on a second floor next to a railing with a hole in the middle ).. she had bit breasts which filled out her t-shirt nicely.. and i held her hips. while i looked at her and some cheering happened...