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Feel sad .. Friend I follow got a massive rt.. Wish I could rt it but there is a person I can't follow and they are totally muted to
My lists. I want to follow and rt them but because I would rt them a lot and in "bursts" of 5-10 at a time I overloaded there l
notifications. If they would unblock me so I could unblock them I would rt things. But... Sigh
It's not like the person does not have thousands of followers rting them... I am always going to say,
if you don't want it retweeted it is not something to tweet at all then!
You are responsible for what you tweet!

There is no real delete tweet button ! Tweet with that in mind and tweet what you mean!

So for the person that for the rt congratz... But I won't rt something that contains that person in a tweet because I will never normally see it!

I am not saying for that person to not put the name in the tweet... It would harm others for me to ( see rules on profile)

I just feel hurt every time I find a tweet I would love to rt but can't because of things I might have done and that it's misunderstood or that a person did not realize how public twitter is.

The Good Evil Staff?

Ling heads into the Cleft, seeing lights come from the area.. some arcane in nature some fel, she realizes that all magic users are concentrated under this part of the city.

Ling, arranges to meet with the Warlock Master Zevrost, and approaches him when called.

"Master Zevrost, I am told you are the strongest and most clever of all the warlocks known," Ling Kneels on one knee and Zevrost looks at her and knods.
"What do you seek young Sindori Warlock? To learn how I aquired such power? To find out how many I have bested?" Zevrost looks her over noticing she wears basic clothing nothing fancy and carries with her no weapon or focusing staff, yet she emits power of a extreme ammount for the skills he knows she has.

"None of the above Sir, I was called by a Succubi who's former master was very foolish and tried to summon all his bound demons into the world. They are fully emerged and are dieing, I wish to help them." Ling pulled out her notes on the linking ritual and gave them to the Master.

"You don't seek to bind them as is tradition?" Zevrost Commented after reading over everything.
"No sir, I am aware this spell is normally used for demons that are highly respected, but I do not want to see them in pain or know I am harming another." Ling explained, " I did not choose to be a warlock, but I can not change now. I can only make sure I follow the Rules I have set out for myself.
1. If it harms no one I may do it.
2. I must protect the weak from the strong.

I can not harm another unless they are the ones causing harm to others, and I will unleash my power on them then and only then."

Zevrost looked at her and saw in Lings eyes something that was not there in a warlocks eyes, a craving for power, the corruption that eventually taught all warlocks there limits or killed them.

"I know the staff's original reason to exist is to cause great Evil on the lands Master," Ling begs " But I only want to help them, to save them from dieing here!"

Zevrost looks at Ling and chuckels for he sees her true nature, had she not been pushed down this path she would have been a priestess, and if she succeeds she might help others, including himself one day, when the corruption inside grows too consume them.

"The Staff you seek to create will be hard to manufacture, the only place to get the Tenebrous Orb and sufficient Ghostly Essence is the Shadow Fang Keep!
It will be hard to get in and get out. For my price i will ask you find the book "The Book of Lost Souls"." Zevrost scratched his chin in thought then scribbles down some instructions
"You will need to form a small party to break in. Here are directions from UnderCity to the Keep, and a letter of recommendation to a friend that will help you find some mercenaries to assist."

Ling Thanks him and Runs off heading back to Undercity and she hires with most of her savings a bang of men and women who help her break into Shadowfang keep, finding the required materials she uses the now former occupants lab to package the Essence into the Tenebrous Orb as the ritual required to stabilize the essence.

The Search for a Link.

Ling headed to Brill at a good pace, keeping the Felsteed at a good pace she rode.
The Steed did not tire as she expected a normal horse to, she knew it was because the steed was also a demon.

After reaching Brill she talk to the Zeplin Ticket seller Zapetta and booked passage for her and the FelSteed to Orgrimmar.

Ling passed her time on the Zeplins journey by reading more about demons and what warlocks did to them, some bargained with them, some enslaved. The ritual was a binding, the demon was enslaved and bound to the warlock. The chapters she read told her about how a warlock should go about preparing to bind and what control they would have over the demon. It often mentioned how a demon would do things that it would have objected to.

Ling laying in her bed on the Zeplin, a small storm brewing outside, "I can't bind them to me, it will take away there freedom."
"Maybe I can see about releasing them after binding?" Ling asked, frustrated she could not get see a way out.

Ling poured over the books and found a entry, a powerful demon and powerful warlock long ago had come to a agreement, the demon had not wanted to be bound, to have its free will taken away.
"The demon gave the Warlock instructions on making a staff to link the demons to the Warlock, this would allow a partnership, but no dominance from either side." Ling read anxiously.
Ling copied as she read, "This procedure is simpler to setup then a binding, it requires much less energy to setup, but it has a downside. The Warlock has a greater drain on the Fel energy they can produce, a normal binding would use two to three times less energy."
"Please tell me they left the instructions for the staff in here" Ling begged
"There" She cried out.

The staff of the left hand path:

Tenebrous Orb, for focusing the energies
Ghostly Essence x 5 for enchantment ( Note: this can be any essence from animal to former living beings"

Ling spend the rest of the trip in furious study, learning each part of the spell and testing if she can link with them propperly.

Finding herself ready as the Zeplin docked, she checked her bags and made sure everything was inside, she disembarked and lead the Felsteed to the elevator. Asking a Guard where the Bazaar was and following his directions she headed through the Tauren area to the common bazaar AKA "The Drag" as the Guard told informed her.

Finding herself a bit lost she wandered hoping to find someone to ask, and then she saw a little boy sitting and crying and approached him.
"Hello, Are you ok?" She asked as she sat down.

The kid looked at her, " I lost my balloons my father got me from the Dark Moon Fair, I was going to take them to my friend. I got knocked around and they slipped and a breeze blew them around the drag"

"Well if they are anything like the balloons I recall the Darkmoon Caries used to have when I was a kid they should be around here and unharmed" Ling pulled out a hankie and dried the young orcs eyes and teased. "Now what should I call you? Orc boy?"

"Jaga, my name is Jaga." the young orc said as he puffed his chest out trying to look fierce.

Ling giggled and pointed up, seeing a balloon under a tarp.
She quickly helped young Jaga gather all his balloons from the various places they had blown.

"Could you tie them around me?" Jaga asked after they had found them all. " My friends up on the cliffs and I want to surprise him!"

"Of course" Ling went about securing the balloons into a harness, " Would you happen to know where the Cleft of Shadows is, I am looking for the Warlock Zevrost?

"They are mean people, Zevrost is not the worst, I was helping around my fathers shop and had to deliver some thigns to him, he smiled at me." Jaga held onto the nearby to stay on the ground. "The cleft is a short bit that way and Zevrost is around the corner, down the ramp and to your right"

Ling let go and watched Jaga float into the air and onto the cliffs his friend suprised they ran off to play.



"Well, lets head over" Ling said as she picked up the Reins to her Steed and headed off.

The Cry is answered

Ling awoke hearing the cry for help in her mind again, knowing now where it came from, Anderhal.
She paid the innkeeper for her breakfast and headed to Silvermoon to use the orb to teleport to Undercity!
Ling left the city shuddering and clutching her stomach, the smells were powerful there, she was sad now that she had eaten heavily before leaving.

She traveled east, avoiding the patrols of undead till she found the house, inside and upstairs she found who was crying out to her mind, a succubus who was tending a few demons that were sick looking and dieing.

Darwen started to tell her tale, " Our Former Master many weeks ago thought he was strong and could summon us all to Azeroth at once. "
"It would give him a advantage over other Warlocks to use us all at once" She explained while playing with her tail.

"You may not know this but when a Warlock summons a demon to Azeroth he is summoning a Avatar, A Shell that we can control in essence, when it is destroyed we return to the twisting nether unharmed and able to be summoned again.

Darwen starts mixing some elixers and gives the resulted concoction to the Voidwalker and the Imp on the bed that both looked like they were faded and nearly gone. Both perked up a bit after drinking the elixer down.

"This elixer helps them stay alive, but it is nearing its limits that it will work. You see his Spell worked, just a bit too well, it pulled us fully into Azeroth, no avatar, us fully realized."

Darwen points to the green fire stain on the back wall, "That is all that is left of him, he engulfed in FelFire and burned to ash"

Ling looked at her in horror, knowing only a bit about summoning from when she was imprisoned she gasped, "So you have no link to the twisting nether to give you energy, how can I help?"

Darwen looked down almost in shame, "We would have to be bound to you, then you could send us back so we can heal and replenish our strength. But it would mean you control us, we would be slaves."

Darwen sits down in the chair backwards so her tail can be free and sets her head down on her hands. "We don't want to be slaves again to a cruel master like our former. The pain he caused to us was incredible, and I don't want to be used like he did to me ever again!"

"I cast a spell, to call for a master that could save us but would not abuse or hurt us. We don't mind being of use or helping you gain power, it is that we are living beings and want to be respected." Darwen slams her hoof down looking fiercely at Ling.

Ling smiled at Darwen, " I have no desire to hurt to gain power, only to help those that are weak. I will do what I can to assist."

Darwen elated by this jumps out of the chair it clattering to the ground and tackles Ling in a hug, "Thank you Thank you! I hear your words ring true!"

"You don't have a staff to bind with, and it will have to be a powerful one to bind us all at once, then you can return us one at a time back to the Twisting Nether." Darwen gets up and finds a book handing it to Ling, " This contained the contacts of our former master, the one in Orgrimmar should help you if you can pay his price."

Ling gets up taking the book, " How long do you think the potion will work?"

" Another week or two at the most, I am able to go out still and gather, the others are too sick and weak." Darwen looks with hope at Ling, " I am giving of my essence to save them, I am strong but I know I will not last forever, I have a favor to ask before you go."

Darwen pulls out a orb with green energies flowing through it, there is barley any flowing around, it represents the fel energy that the demons are living off of now.
"Can you put some fel energy in? It will give us more time and it would not hurt you like it would me, a night or two's rest would recharge you fully"

Ling looked at her, Darwens face in desperation, begging, tail limp along her legs.

Ling smiled, knowing it was the first time she could truly help another being with her powers and put her hands on the orb focusing on putting a good deal of energy in she looked inside herself and the energy poured, not fully green energy filled the orb, a light yellow tinged the green energy and the orb was filled to capacity.

Ling smiled and said, " That should give you enough time to recover your energy and the others energy, I felt something else and can see its not the same shade of color, but i don't think it will harm you.

Ling then heads to the door with Darwen following after securing the precious orb.

"Our former master had a Felsteed in the barn, I suspect you could ride him rather then walking to the Undercity to catch the Zeplin" Darwen said as she opened the barn door.

"Thank you, and I will be back" Ling said as she mounted the steed and rode off.

Lings Second day and a cry for help.

So Lings Second day got her almost to 20 before i had to sleep,

She was tasked with stopping a tribe of trolls that were raiding and stealing supplies, she knew they were harming people, not for food or to survive but to show power!

She was thanked, she knew it would be a job that this would be a rarity.

She helped a few others going around and killing more of the wretched and furthering her desire to stop that from happening to her.
Ling was happy when someone called upon her to help cleanse a fortress of evil, people building a ship and calling themselves defias terrorizing a populace!

She then was Tasked with helping a cavern to be cleansed from a evil that had built up and to wake a protector for that cavern, Now it no longer wails.

After that she helped a man plan and get supplies for a party, Ling felt joyous, She was helping and did not hurt those that she could save. She was sad because she remembered things she had done under the old warlocks control, flashes bits and pieces. But she vowed to keep strong, and help others!

At the party she did partake of a mild mind altering substance and heard a cry of pain from another, a demon being hurt to serve someone, she plans to in the near future find this demon and free it to save it from being tortured.

So Ling Carter used to be a young teenage blood elf, Interested in the mechanics of machines and how the metals were made.
Her parents noticed how her inventions and tools just seemed to work, as if she was using magic.

The evil warlock killed her parents, and took her as prisoner!
(One should know that drain life works to extend the life of the drainer but it does not work that well, it will eventually stop giving enough life to be worth it and that warlock was near the end)

The Warlock Blood Elf that captured her took control over her mind, through her teenage years she was forced to learn the dark arts of fel energy and magic so that the old warlock could take over her body and live forever.

After a good while she started to regain some of her mind, slowly.. bits and pieces, the old warlock had gotten complacent, thinking the spells would hold for long enough to complete the spell that took years to prepare.

When Ling woke one night, she was free, the spell had faded and she ran.. never learning or caring why.. she went to the nearest village. There the authorities felt the fel energies she had been using for her entire teenage life and decided to have her escorted into a medical facility for those that had overused magic or had gone insane with magic.

After checking her story over the following weeks and months, the mages and priests that checked her mind and soul they found that she had been tainted to where the magic she could use was no longer pure and arcane, and she could not wield the light either.

That night was told this she she vowed she would do whatever it took to protect others so that they would not be harmed, that she would follow two rules in her life.
If it harms no one, do it!
Protect the weak from the strong.

After a while the people in charge of the allowed her to leave, not seeing her as a threat to society directly and knowing she could control her magic, she went out to see who she can help and to learn how she can use her powers! One of the Priests gave her a mount to ride to the city, she was told he was sturdy and would keep her safe, but might be a bit slow.

Once she got to the city she was tasked with helping around and fixing things.. She found a Warlock trainer that gave her some information to help her some. But he was not very receptive of her desires to help others.


One of which she was shown what happens when one overfeed too much on magic and becomes too addicted to it.
She vowed never to let a search for power do that to her, she would always make sure she would never be able to harm those she cared about.


After a while she went further south and found a INN to stop at and sleep.


So its been a while.. I know I have not been blogging a huge amount..

I am planning, maybe, to make a warlock in wow.. a pure evil class that I have shyed away from because it is evil.

I have never liked evil in a game.. the idea of warlocks who seek fel energies which are considered evil, to empower themselves is .. not who i am.

I have sought a character that could use "evil ways" for good.

The stories by Lazlo Zalezac have a character in there called Ling Carter.

She is a nice woman, fierce and powerful, I thought about making a monk with her for dps.. but considered she is dedicated to the two rules, if it harms no one do it... protect the weak from the strong.

She would learn how to do despicable things.. killing shooting and torturing to help those on the side of good.

For a while she would use too much force, killing when she did not have to!
Then she celebrated getting off on a technicality and a son banned her and his sister from visiting for a year, this helped her move forward and learn not to go too far.

At one point she helps the Druids get vital information from a person, the Druid left her in a room with the man knowing he would be tortured but it was to help protect the weak she hurt him.

Ling Carter will be my warlock.. dedicated to learning to use Fel energies to help others, striving not to cause pain for those that do not deserve it. But for those that do, they will wish they never were born.

Warcraft Valor and a New patch

The word on twitter today was that the currency situation on warcraft for the new patch was reveled.

I have to give this information a thumbs down and a raspberry!

I don't think the way they are doing this patch is the most friendly nor does it have a reason to be done this way.
In my experience in the past back when we had badges in wrath and in Cata when we had JP/VP points, things were a bit different when a patch would hit.

I will give examples for Cata but Wrath was very similar.

When the Firelands patch hit the existing gear that was sold for Valor was shifted to become Justice Point gear.
This allowed someone with a alt to gear up a bit easier and not spend the new Valor on older gear.
The idea is Valor is for the current content and Justice point for helping get to the level one can do the current content.

Back then one could have stocked up 6,000-10,000 Valor after they had geared up enough to not need to buy anything. It was useless except for one deal, There were a few Bind on Equip items that could be bought and sold.
I remember doing this a bunch of times and it got me a few hundred gold and helped others leveling alts to gear up some.
It also let me gear up my alts and friends alts.

We have not had that spending outlet in MOP, we have had upgrades which @epicdiapers on twitter has suggested is not really a good idea.

What blizzard is doing this expansion is as such:

1. Valor items from patch 5.0 are getting a 50% reduction
2. Valor items from patch 5.2 are getting a 25% reduction
3. All Valor is converted to Justice Points

I can see points one and two, they are good ideas to help alts get geared a bit for LFR/LFD, but point three is a major issue I don't support.

Why wipe the Valor?
A few reasons come to mind:
1. Prevents Hording of Valor and spending alot when cheaper!
2. Prevents Hording of Valor and spending on the new Valor gear.

There is also a mechanic that was introduced in the game with Mists of Pandaria that changed how Valor and Justice points behaved.
They have a HARD cap, you can't go over 3000 Valor or 4000 Justice Points.
This prevents a MAJOR issue, you can't Horde them! You are forced to spend them eventually!

So its even if a person horded the Valor it does not help them much in the long run. They could buy One item out of the gate from the new Valor gear, two over a two week period.
For 99.999% of the player base i would make a call that this means squat and wont matter.
It would only matter to the world/realm firsters and seriously would not have a impact even to them.

For alts that DID horde the valor, they get to buy one or two new pieces they would not have been able to. I don't feel this is a major issue since one extra piece is not going to bump from say 463ilvl to 480ilvl, it will help but not a major issue.

Lets assume Valor is not wiped what is stopping the hording? Reputation gating.

The Daily area and Dungeon reputations are gated, you can only get so much rep a week no matter what you do!
So its not possible for someone that had horded the Valor to rocket ahead of others gear wise.
Everyone would have to spend a short amount of time to do daily's or run LFR/Normal dungeons (Side note: the dungeon rep as i understand it counts per boss once a week, you can't double dip and get more rep by doing both normal and LFR)
This would mean by the time it rolls around to where someone could get the gear they should have the valor to spend on it, thus no advantage to hording (note: blizzard developers if this is not the case *SLAP*)

The Questions to ask is Who does it harm to leave the Valor alone in 5.2?

Does it harm others gearing up quicker on a new character? No, it might offend or make someone feel there work was not worth it, but not harm.
Does it harm the new alt/person to gear up? This is answered by the items going down in price. So its a Assumed No.

Why is this a issue? Why am I upset?

There was the expectation that Blizzard is changing how things work and would not wipe the valor, since items were just reducing in cost. The hard cap to Valor and Justice Points prevent someone from going wild. Along with the new rep gating makes a balance for the old vs new gear.
In short, its hard to abuse the system now!

What do I think should be done?

I would suggest to blizzard that they change how Valor and Justice points work in the long run.

1. For now leave the Valor alone, there is protection to prevent abuse built into the new reputation, and the small extra gear won't matter much in the long run.
2. Revamp the idea of Valor and Justice points. Valor is to be spent on anything for the expansion you are in. Justice points are to upgrade items? or Purchase from prior expansions. When a new expansion hits all items become Justice Point gear. Heirlooms would be bought with JP gear and every expansion they would upgrade in the first patch, IE patch 5.1, to go to the level cap of the prior expansion.

As it stands My advice to anyone playing right now:

In the long run your not farming Valor anymore from today till 5.2 hits! Relax and have fun

If you are Ilvl 480+ or are not playing the character much, let it idle and have a vacation till 5.2
Your valor is worthless, spend it to upgrade items or fill in that missing spot only, but do not waste your time farming valor.
(this advice is for NON raiders, if you are a active raider disregard)

If your not Ilvl 480+ then work slowly towards it, don't stress yourself too much. If this is not a main or a character you plan on working on in first month of 5.2 let it go on vacation.

Work on alts that are not 90! Get them ready to start at 5.2 and able to run LFD!.

A minor freak out which leads to a choice made

So today I was on my priest Elizara who is a worgen on the alliance side, and was trying to do the shield wall daily quests when I again kept getting killed by the horde side players. I got to the point I felt like destroying something to vent my rage.

I personally hate that I am on a PVP server and wont attack others. There is no revenge to be gotten from attacking them, nor any satisfaction.

I don't attack others.. and have even helped others kill things when I am on horde or alliance and really feel its wrong in Warcraft to kill others that are not being aggressive to you.
It was two rogues, they killed me a couple times and a pally another.. and i just cracked.. I am not in this game.. paying my money to be some kids entertainment. If they want to feel all big and strong and be a bully they should grow up.

I will say if I had my way the servers would be a strict PVE setting and the world PVP options would have to be manually turned on.

I love the game but feel that the old idea of people PVPing in southshore and tarran mill is gone, it died a long time ago. Now world pvp is just harassment and causing others grief and should be turned off by default.

So I am moving my character on alliance side to Earthen Ring in a short bit, a day or so while i arrange to move things.
And I plan once my new schedule starts to move all my characters slowly into the AIE Guild for my horde characters.

I feel like I am giving up some, but some parts of me know I can't change what is needed to make me happy so I am moving to allow me ot enjoy the game more.

I do plan to stay playing with harthok and Naralina ( @Druidelight and @varsalis ) and they know i have not been happy with how things have been going.

I don't know what will happen but I plan to relax and enjoy playing the game again.

2013 goal plans and whats been going on!

Well 2013 has started off interesting at work. We have a shift bid and i got a decent number i am sad to say the call center i am working at is closing a hour earlier then before.. I really like the night shift but am starting to realize i need to change my life a bit and I am starting to look at sleeping differently to be able to do more.

I still am on twitter and had found this picture there.. i just find it silly :)

I need to see about a twitter plugin for here still..

In terms of World of Warcraft I have started doing a community deal called #TeamTwitterRaid with @shamanRongar


Last Week we did 10 man Throne of Four Winds.. and downed the main boss in 1 min 32 seconds.. barely enough time for a lust to be used!!!
I had been worried there was alot of mechanics.. we never encountered them!

tardis deloran

HEHE Nice combo of a time machine!
I am still watching Doctor Who whenever it comes on and I don't care about spoilers Mr Song/Pong/Doctor!!! I will tweet them to my hearts content!!!!

Twenty-nine of history’s most iconic scientists in one photograph – now in color!

I thought this was interesting to see what these guys looked like in real life.. its.. normal.. they are you and me. Means anyone can learn more about the universe if they want!


I am still a AVID/Crazy fan of Scott Johnson's The Instance podcast and his drawing he does!!! MEH!!!


Sadly i feel like this some days.. its going crazy and ahhhhhh!
Feel like it right now cause i have to go to bed.. short post again still wanting to get back into doing it often but failing horribly!!